Virgo Lunar Hair

Cut, Perm, Slower

Lunar Hair Cutting for Slower Growth

Traditional western astrology holds that the moon sign Virgo is the time to cut hair with slower growth in mind. Virgo’s Mutable quality and especially its barren class is emphasized when the moon is waning.

The same categories apply to make it the best choice for keeping a style for the longest time. The final week of the waning moon just before the New Moon, is the strongest part of the phase.

Hair Style Permanent Wave

The second highest recommendation from traditional western astrological sources put Virgo on the top of the list for a perm with the absorbing qualities of the waxing moon giving it even more of a boost. The peak of Virgo’s Earth and barren categories is at the First Quarter moon phase.

Virgo is dry, cold and barren. Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign.

A lunar hair care program contains three parts: a hair treatment goal, an astrological moon sign, and a moon phase like New Moon, waxing moon, Full Moon, or waning moon.