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Lunar Hair Astrology 2021 Moon Signs Best Days to Cut Hair for Growth

Click on a treatment or moon sign to view the lunar hair care details. For example, if you are interested in the best days to cut hair for growth, then click on “cut hair, trim ends – faster growth” to view the description. Then choose the recommended Astrological Sign. 


Lunar Hair Treatments

Astrological Signs

Color Hair


Color & Chemical – Best Absorption


Color & Chemical – Slower Growth


Condition Hair


Cut Hair


Cut Hair, Trim Ends – Faster Growth


Cut Hair, Trim Ends – Slower Growth


Cut Hair, Trim Ends – Thicker Growth


Permanent Wave, Relaxant, Straightener


Permanent Wave for Frizzy


Avoid Lunar Hair Care


Moon Phases




Folklore about lunar hair care is simple and survived the generations over time. Historical writings on astrological topics have reputations that extend over hundreds and thousands of years. Ancient scholars and rural farmers learned to recognize which astrological principle governed the best days to cut hair for growth. We use and build on that information today with modern applications. 

The information presented for lunar hair cutting and treatments is consistent with traditional western astrological principles.

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To see dates and times for specific lunar hair care treatments calculated each day for the year, order the digital Lunar Hair Astrology for computer, tablet, or phone.