Taurus Lunar Hair

Color, Faster, Perm, Thicker.

Lunar Haircuts for Faster and Thicker

Taurus is equally recommended for both faster growth and thicker hair.

The class of cold puts Taurus in company with the highly rated Capricorn and Scorpio for faster growth. Taurus also shares the dry class with Leo and Capricorn for thicker growth.

Moon Phase – Full Moon 

Half of the modern and historical sources for traditional western astrological lunar hair care vote to add the Full Moon with the moon sign of Taurus to promote thicker growth.

Coloring Hair 

Coloring has a good number of recommendations along with permanent waves and chemical treatments, which speaks to the Taurus qualities of Fixed and semi-fertile.

Taurus is called dry, cold, and semi-fertile. Taurus is a Fixed Earth sign.

It is relatively easy to find an agreeable date in the lunar calendar or lunar chart for most hair care treatments. Maybe you are unable to get an appointment exactly on the day of the Full Moon but you can get one in a day or two before or after the Full Moon in the recommended astrological sign like Taurus.