Scorpio Lunar Hair

Color, Faster, Thicker

Lunar Haircut for Faster Growth

The Scorpio moon sign scores highest in lunar hair care for cutting hair to see faster growth. The New Moon and the week after boost the power of the waxing moon to its traditional classifications of fertile and cold.

Thicker Hair for Lunar Hair Care

For the goal of thicker hair, Scorpio has a reasonable number of votes, though not as many as Leo. Both signs share a Fixed quality. Scorpio is categorized with the element of Water and class of fertile, which makes it a candidate for the goal of thicker hair with Fixed being the deciding factor.

Coloring Hair Treatment

Fixed, fertile, and wet make the Scorpio Water sign a good one for coloring hair.

Scorpio is wet, cold and fertile. Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign.

Be Sure to Track Lunar Hair Care

It’s easy to dance with the moon cycle, weaving in and out of it, for days and weeks at a time. It is also easy to forget it all when life gets busy. For lunar hair care, a bit of discipline is in order to keep track of that merry moon dance.

Be sure to record the lunar hair care day and treatment to track results over time. Photos, too. Use the method that will last over time so that you can easily retrieve it. Selfies or good old-fashioned paper notes and photos will do fine, whichever is the best way that works for you.