Sagittarius Lunar Hair

Condition, Cut, Slower.

Haircut or Trim for Slower Growth

Almost all western astrologers who recommend lunar hair care agree that Sagittarius is the sign best suited for cutting hair with slower growth in mind. Pairing it with the waning moon is required. All of Sag’s categories support this goal.

Fire for Beauty Hair Conditioning

Sagittarius classes of Fire, semi-barren, and dry, speak to its popularity as a good sign for conditioning in lunar hair care. Absorption of conditioner is best achieved during the waxing moon.

Regular Hair Cuts

Mutable astrological signs in the barren class are recommended as good days for a haircut.

Sagittarius is dry, hot and semi-barren. Sagittarius is a Mutable Fire sign.

It is relatively easy to find an agreeable date for most lunar hair care treatments.