Pisces Lunar Hair

There are no recommendations in this Lunar Hair Astrology guide for days when the Moon is traveling through the Pisces astrological sign. You may ask, “Well, why is that?” Strong opinions lie on either side of this issue.

Overall, there is plenty of general agreement between astrologers about signs and moon phases for hair treatments, such as cutting hair during the waxing moon to see faster growth. However, not all of them agreed on the sign of Pisces.

Astrologers–like cooks and gardeners–all have a certain way of thinking about their topic. For instance, do you brown your turkey first in the oven or brown it in the last hour of cooking? Which one is correct? Talk to any cook, and they will tell you with great certainty the method they prefer to use to roast the bird. The answer is that both methods work for browning a turkey, depending on how you want to cook it.

Landscape experts will tell you to turn off your sprinkler system when it rains. However, in dry mountain climates, smart gardeners will keep the sprinklers on even in the rain to get the ground saturated deeply enough to reach the plant root systems and not just the surface soil. Rain is not guaranteed in dry climates. Here again, both answers are correct.

In astrology, just like cooking and gardening, you get to choose which system you prefer and which astrologer you believe has the interpretation that suits your belief system and circumstances. Not all astrologers are created alike, nor do they think in the same way, just like cooks and gardeners. We applaud the diversity and make our choices.

Let’s review the prevailing traditional wisdom noted for lunar hair care for Pisces.

When the Moon is traveling through the astrological sign of Pisces, there is agreement among most astrologers to:

  • color hair
  • cut hair
  • cut hair to grow faster (at the New Moon especially and during the waxing moon).

Others recommend no such thing.

Now, let’s take a look at each category description for lunar hair care in relation to Pisces.

Color hair. The top choices of astrological signs are Fixed: Taurus, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Pisces is Mutable which disagrees with the highest number of votes for coloring hair.

Cut hair. The most sources agree that general haircutting is best performed in signs that are barren and semi-barren, with the class of hot close behind. These are Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, and Virgo. Pisces signs has none of these qualities, but is fertile and cold.

Cut hair–faster growth. The top three choices of signs for “faster” growth after a haircut or trim are fertile, semi-fertile and cold. These are Capricorn, Taurus, and Scorpio. Pisces does qualify here with classes of fertile and cold. Here is one argument to include it for this category.

Cut hair–thicker growth. Dry is the common class for the category of thicker. These are Taurus, Leo, and Capricorn. Scorpio is included in this guide, but does not have the same strength of votes as the others. This lack of strength applies also to Pisces which shares the classes of water, fertile, wet and cold with Scorpio. Pisces has slightly more votes for thicker than Cancer which has very few.

What are other possible reasons be for avoiding hair treatments during the Pisces moon sign?

Pisces is a mystical sign with a even deep focus on inner vision and the unknown. It may be for this reason as well as the fact that Pisces rules the feet that it is advised to avoid hair treatments when the moon or sun is traveling through it. We know from virtually all of the alternative therapies that the feet have direct meridian connections to all points on the body. Better to tend the inner vision than to choose a hair care treatment during this time. It may be possible that a Pisces haircut may look very different a few days later when the moon changes signs.

In an informal poll, 61% agreed that it was NOT acceptable to do hair care during the sign of Pisces.

These points show that there is one argument out of seven for the case lunar hair care in the sign of Pisces, which is to include it in the “Cut hair, trim ends–faster growth” category.

Is avoiding Pisces for lunar hair care the correct answer? This author dared to put it to the test several times with personal experiments. You are welcome to research this for yourself. There was not a single satisfactory experience of cutting or changing my hair in any way on a day when the Moon was in Pisces. Perhaps it is personal to my birth astrology chart and your results would be different.

My conclusion after considering the available data, examining the merits of the astrological signs, personal experience, and a public poll is to exclude Pisces for hair care days in the Lunar Hair Astrology guides and calendars.

In future, the moon sign Pisces will be placed in the “faster” category at least and let each person make their choice. 

Let me know what you prefer on this topic of Pisces Lunar Hair Care.