Moon Phases for Lunar Hair Care

The phase of the Moon is described from Earth’s position in relation to the Moon. The amount of light we see reflected on the Moon varies during the month. The following descriptions are the moon phase functions applied in the Lunar Hair Astrology treatment dates.

New Moon

There is practically no light visible on the Moon to see.

For lunar hair care, the New Moon focus is to see the fastest growth after a haircut or trim.

For lunar hair care practiced according to traditional western astrological principles, the fastest growth progresses from the strongest time on the day of the New Moon, and gets progressively weaker each day following through the waxing moon phase.

The week after First Quarter to the day before the Full Moon has the weakest part of the phase for fastest growth.


The day after the New Moon, the light reflected on the Moon grows brighter each night.

Lunar hair care principles hold this time for treatments to absorb, condition, and see faster growth after a haircut or trim.

The properties of absorption increase as the moon gets closer to the Full Moon.

Full Moon

Light fully illuminates the Moon’s surface at the Full Moon. It is about two weeks since the last New Moon.

The Full Moon is most noted for lunar hair care as the time to focus on thicker growth.

For selected astrological moon signs, a “Full Moon window” time is included to be two days before and after the Full Moon.

Signs not highly favored for the lunar hair treatment of thicker growth are recommended on the day of the Full Moon only.


Light fades more each day during the waning Moon. It’s time starts after the Full Moon and continues for approximately two weeks to the end of the cycle.

The waning moon is the time in lunar hair care to see slow growth after a haircut or trim, and after a chemical treatment.

In this Lunar Hair Astrology guide, the waning moon starts on the third day following the Full Moon for the waning moon phase. This gives enough time for the Full Moon to complete it’s passage through the Earth’s magnetotail.

The lunar hair care properties of the waning moon increase the closer the days are to the New Moon. The highest rated waning moon phase starts two days after Last Quarter and goes to the day before the New Moon.