Hair Care Results with the Moon Phases

Before. My hair was so awful that I would cover it up with a hat most of the time.

After. This is after choosing my hair care dates with the moon phases.

If you have just found your way over to my neck of the woods, you will soon find out that I came to this moon-phase-hair-cut thing because I had a horrifying hair cut when it should have turned out well, considering the circumstances were the same as always. Same place, same person, etc. Because of that experience, I researched the moon phases in relation to hair care and applied the information to my hair treatments over several years.

Now  I have a sense that my hair is a friendly part of me again, no matter if it is straight or curled, colored or not. It’s the feel of it that I like the most.

Write it down

The most important thing I learned about picking dates was to write down what I did and when I did it: the type of hair treatment, moon phase, and astrological sign.

Maybe you can remember each detail of your life a month or year later, or maybe I am just at the age where I have to write things down (please laugh with me!), but if you decide to try this method I strongly suggest that you keep a written record along the way. A couple of times I forgot to record the moon phase and sign for my hair care date and my memory was simply not reliable enough to track it properly.

And I sure found out in a few short weeks when I picked the wrong day for my goal. I had to pick a new day real quick to get back on track.

Moon cycle bonus and a surprise

Ever have a really good hair day? There is nothing like it to boost confidence and self-esteem. Sure, technology and styling can do a lot, but I found that adding the natural cycle of the moon phases gave me a bonus that no product could offer.

And a surprise: most of the hairdressers I talked to were not interested in the lunar cycle. I got the impression that they believed it would restrict their business for the number of appointments they would get. Well, hairdressers, I have to tell you that with this method I actually went to the salon more times per year than when I did not use the moon cycle!

Disclaimer note: I feel that I have successfully applied the moon phases to my hair care, but I cannot possibly guarantee that anyone else will achieve the same results. It requires time and patience. For me, it is worth it. Your results may vary: please refer to the Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

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4 Things to Know About Hair Care with the Moon Phases

Hello, thanks for stopping by. I promise to deliver some thoughts that may fill in some gaps to any curiosity you may have about hair care with the moon phases.

I assure you that it is not all that weird. Let us consider for a few minutes what the moon phases and hair care may do for you, explore a few options, and in general kick the topic around a bit. No pressure.

You will find bits here and there about lunar hair care. It’s a funny topic that most people find either absurd or unwilling to spend any time on it. I spent several years researching and I would like to share that data with you so that you can get through the process in a shorter amount of time.

What you will find here is an honest account of someone who did not “believe” in using the moon cycle and moon phases for hair care. That’s me. I’ll tell you my story in just a minute.

The 4 Phases of Practicing Hair Care with the Moon Phases

full-moon-451605_640Phase 1 – Entertain the possibility of what it means to align a personal activity with the moon cycle.
Phase 2 – Consider what your hair care means to you and how the moon cycle may support that.
Phase 3 – Identify your goal for your hair care in the next year.
Phase 4 – Make appointments for hair care with moon phases and track your results.

Phase 1 – Entertain the possibility of what it means to align a personal activity with the moon cycle.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to tune your hair care with the moon phases?

For me, alignment with the moon cycle connects me to the wholeness of the universe. When I view the moon in the sky or check my calendar for the phases in the cycle, the vastness of infinity touches the part of me that timeless – my soul. I become more aware of my physical existence in the greater whole. The moon cycle is a reminder to me that body and soul, physical and spirit, are magically blended together for my experience on Earth. There are many expressions of this union, including matching my hair care with the moon phases.

You may already have a practice of matching your hair care with the moon phases. You may find something new here. Perhaps you are looking for an easy method of scheduling your hair care dates for months in advance.

Or you have heard of the lunar cycle and haircuts and wondered about it. Did you see that article on Glamour about trimming hair to make it grow faster? Did you know the French have been using the moon cycle for generations? Even earlier, the Roman scholars talked about how Emperor Tiberius would cut his hair during the waxing moon. Oh, wait – there’s more!

Forward to the present: in an interview with Elle, when he was losing all that weight for “Dallas Buyer’s Club,” Mr. Matthew McConaughey stated that he chooses his haircuts with the phase of the moon.

Deciding to choose hair care according to the moon can bring up other notions of it being to woo-woo or plain old nonsense. I wondered about that myself. There are certainly a good number of nay-sayers out there who are more than willing to speak their minds, which made me wonder even more about it. These days the challenge is to sift through available information and decide which parts of it have the most value.

Starting out, I didn’t believe anybody at all (rebel that I am) and chose to find out for myself. The skeptics motivated me to investigate because their viewpoint was so strongly against it. You know what I mean?

I wasn’t scared of being peculiar to my office co-workers or family because it was something I could do on my own quietly until I proved it one way or the other. Who needed to know?

wheelbarrow in the gardenNow, I admit that I was a student of the moon phases already. I knew about gardening with the lunar calendar. It made sense to me to plant seeds at the New Moon. There is a lot of history and practice with gardening and the moon. The gap in my information was taking the leap from garden plants to human hair care.

I went through all of the phases to decide to match my hair care with the moon phases. I started out with a blank slate. I didn’t even care that much about it except it was an area I had not yet explore about the moon cycle. Hair? Mostly, I never thought about it at all. My hair care was an activity that I just thought, “Oh, it’s time to get a haircut.” It was like an item to tick off a list, like shopping for groceries or going to get my teeth cleaned.

Or I had a special event arriving in a few weeks.

At the time, I was researching lunar hair care I needed to keep up a grooming schedule for my corporate job. I had meetings to attend, reports to submit, and all those deadlines! Who had time to fool around with complicated hair care? I plodded along and avoided haircuts as much as possible.

Then, one day, I was shocked.

The Haircut from Hell convinced me that I needed a new solution.

I looked in the mirror the day after a regular hair appointment and was horrified at the result of the cut. That experience got me to thinking that there was something missing in my method of hair care.

I have to admit, at the time I was open to alternative theories like the moon cycle, probably more than most people. My spiritual life was important to me. This shock prompted me to understand that I wanted a change to my hair care, and it wasn’t the fault of the hair stylist or the products I was using. I just knew there was something else going on.

Phase 2 – Consider what your hair care means to you and how the moon cycle may support that.

Even putting the job aside, I wanted to feel good about my hair again. I recognized that I needed a new approach. When my hair was awful, it filtered out into my productivity at work. It held me back because I was not feeling my best. I wanted to have more Good Hair Days. I wanted to feel better.

beautiful woman have massage at spa and wellness centerThere’s a subtle awareness that appears on a Good Hair Day that is hard to describe. I feel a quiet sense of well-being. For you, maybe it’s more joyful, and you want to go out and celebrate the self-confidence with other people. And, of course, that glow can do wonders for the social life.

You may have other reasons than mine to consider what the lunar cycle can do for your hair care. I know ladies who use the cycle to keep their short haircuts manageable for a longer time. Others are going for thickness. Thickness is one quality that I have come to appreciate sincerely, as much as the quality of well-being and vitality. The difference is noticeable to me.

I’m no fashion beauty by any means. But I am human with inner desires to feel better about myself, whether that is by a spiritual practice, pride in a job well done or even through a haircut.

But I was not a believer in the moon phases for hair care at all. My attitude for the Moon Hair Experiment was to find out specifically if it could work for me. Looney or not, I was determined to find out for myself.

After months of research and applying the technique, I was amazed at the difference it made for my hair care. Mostly, for me, the results were beneficial in how I felt about my hair and, of course, what I saw for results especially weeks after my haircut or coloring treatment.

I found a good amount of basic information in my research and also a wealth of conflicting information. The varying advice on choosing a date became complicated very quickly. One of the hardest parts was consistently choosing the right date for my hair care. I fully understand how this can be confusing at best and be reason enough to say the heck with it all and do nothing about it. One month you get the perfect day and the next month it is not there.

But I found out that it can be done. After I had sifted through dozens of references to lunar hair care, I identified the basics about the moon phases that just about everyone agreed on. Then there was a level of contradiction that was a bit confusing. A disagreement I frequently find is about Pisces and Cancer. But that issue can’t wait for another time.

I am not here to convince you to believe in the moon cycle. I no longer feel that that’s my job. However, if you decide to try out hair care with the moon phases, I promise to help you sincerely along the way on your quest. I want to make it easy for you. My service to you is to collect and organize available data on hair care with the moon phases and take the time to give you specific dates based on that information.

Phase 3 – Identify your goal for your hair care in the next year.

Once you’ve decided that you want to try it, the first thing is to figure out what kind of hair care that you are interested in changing or improving. Currently, my data is for haircuts, chemical treatments, and coloring.

You most likely have an idea of what you would like to focus on for hair care. Thick or thin? Short or long? Some people are interested in thickness and length, others prefer short styles. Some people want to grow out an old hair style as quickly as possible.

Phase 4 – Make appointments for hair care with moon phases and track your results.

I have to tell you; it took a little time for me to find out what I wanted.

Please understand that this is not a quick fix operation.

Results for your goal may take some time to understand if it is right for you.

At first, I thought I wanted to keep my hair short so I would have fewer haircuts. After a while, my goal changed to focus on thicker and vitality. Then I added coloring dates and discovered the color to last much longer when I paid attention to the moon phase and astrological sign for my treatment day.

Now I can judge the value of my timing right away or in a few short days that it was a success. More benefits appear after several weeks. I’m not saying you will experience exactly the same results. My point is to take some thoughtful time about it.

In the last three months, I cut my hair twice. Both times the hairdresser measured one and a half inches to cut back to my normal length. That’s 3 inches in three months. The experts say that hair grows half an inch per month. My results seem to be different.

When I started my experiment, I didn’t think I had to write down the day of my appointment. With all of my attention to detail, you would think that I would be sure to do that. We make decisions quickly these days and moving along to the next thing. Once I recorded the hair care treatment, the moon phase and the astrological sign for the day, I could look back and consider the results.

It sounds tedious, yet I assure you that it is not forever! Now that I know what I want for my hair care, it is simply a matter of glancing at the calendar and choosing a date. Every month has multiple options for my goal. Not every month has perfect dates, but within three months I can find excellent choices.

Fortunately, there are usually several moon phases and astrological signs that will work. It doesn’t have to be just one that will only work for a certain style goal.

My journey was a long one over several years to find the hair care that works for me. I hope my research gives you  a happy journey of hair care with the moon phases in a much shorter time.

I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do.

If you are using the moon for scheduling your hair care, I would love to know how it turns out. Please let me know about your experience. I value your opinion.

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I’m so glad you stopped by today! 

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