Libra Lunar Hair

Color, Color-Slower, Cut-Faster

Wax or Wane for Libra

In true keeping with Libra’s quality of balance, traditional western astrologers vote for two opposite lunar haircut goals:

  • Faster growth (Waxing Moon) and
  • Slower growth (Waning Moon).

Libra is categorized as an Air sign in astrology and is classed as semi-fertile and wet. The other two Air signs are barren (GEM) and semi-barren (AQU) and so cannot be easily lumped together with any Air sign for a lunar hair treatment. 

Hair Coloring with the Moon 

The classes of wet and semi-fertile make the moon sign Libra a good candidate for coloring hair, similar to Scorpio.

Lunar gardening offers further insight. Libra is recommended for sowing seeds for planting flowers (Wax) and also for encouraging root growth (Wane). This is further confirmation of Libra’s quality of balance between Wax and Wane.

Waxing Moon for Libra Lunar Haircut 

To honor the balanced nature of Libra fully, this guide includes both Wax (Cut hair-faster growth) and Wane (Color hair-slower growth) hair care choices.

Libra is wet, hot and semi-fertile. Libra is a Cardinal Air sign.

A successful lunar hair treatment includes a haircare goal, a moon sign, and a moon phase.