Leo Lunar Hair

Condition, Cut, Frizzy, Slower, Thicker.

Lunar Haircut Goal of Thicker

The highest recommendation for cutting hair with the Leo moon is for the goal of thicker hair, especially at the Full Moon. Leos’s quality of Fixed and dry class make it useful for this goal.

Slower Growth after Haircut

As a general purpose astrological sign for haircuts, the Leo moon is also listed for cutting hair for slower growth for its classes of barren and dry.

While the quality of Fixed appears to make it a recommendation for color and perms, its barren, Fire and dry categories make it more suited for a frizzy perm.

Conditioning Hair

The same properties of barren, Fire, and dry, make the Leo moon sign popular for being the day to condition hair, paired with the waxing moon for absorption.

Leo is dry, hot and barren. Leo is a Fixed Fire sign.

Insider Tip: Maybe you are unable to get an appointment exactly on the day of the Full Moon but you can get one in a day or two before or after the Full Moon in the recommended astrological sign.