Gemini Lunar Hair

Condition, Cut, Slower.

Lunar Hair Cutting for Slower

By far, the greatest number of traditional western astrologers say to pick the Gemini moon when going for slower growth. Add the waning moon (after the Full Moon) for an extra boost. The quality of Mutable and class of barren make Gemini equal to the other popular signs of Virgo and Sagittarius for the slower growth goal of a lunar haircut.

Gemini is marked as an all-purpose haircut sign with classes of barren and hot with a Mutable quality.

Hair Conditioning 

Gemini’s element of Air and class of barren and hot makes it a good candidate for conditioning also. Choose the waxing moon for absorption.  

Gemini is wet, hot and barren. Gemini is a Mutable Air sign.

The first step to a lunar hair program of haircutting is to make choices based on your comfort zone. Keep it simple with one goal, one moon sign, and one phase like a waning moon.