Cut hair, trim ends for faster growth

Taurus, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn

Waxing Moon

Lunar hair care principles hold that the prime criteria for faster growth is the waxing moon phase.

The simple act of cutting hair according to the lunar rhythm has the longest history in folklore. From Roman historical books depicting ancient knowledge up to 19th century rural America, shared wisdom was passed from generation to generation by word of mouth and in printed almanacs along with gardening and husbandry advice for the homestead farmer. Mere superstition faded out over the generations to leave us with principles to prove out with modern experience.

The question about this phenomenon is why is it that the act of cutting itself is important to achieve increased growth? One example from history, still practiced today, is that sheep farmers found that cutting wool during the waxing moon ensured strong growth for the next cut.

One simple answer for human haircuts, an idea which may not please everyone, is that a trim or cut removes the split ends and produces a clean, blunt end. Once the breakage is gone, the hair appears stronger as it grows. While this may be a positive description of the lunar hair principle, one wonders that the sheep only had their wool cut at the shearing, and they never had split end trims in between. 

The moon phase is the most quoted criteria for seeing faster growth after a haircut or trim, which is the waxing moon. Half of those sources then agree that any New Moon day and the beginning of the waxing phase during the week after the New Moon has the best qualification.

That’s where the agreement ends.

When all of the votes for astrological signs are tallied, the class of fertile and semi-fertile signs that are cold win out for this category of seeing faster growth during the waxing moon. These signs are Capricorn, Taurus and Scorpio.

Another semi-fertile sign of Libra is included for this category. The two remaining fertile and cold signs are Pisces and Cancer. You are welcome to include them in your lunar hair care plan, but this planner does not. Please refer to the chapter on “The Pisces – Cancer Debate.”