Moon in Aries – What do you choose?

Thurs 3/7 and Friday 3/8 coming up with a change of pace as the moon moves to Aries Fire Waxing. Two weeks until the full moon.

We get to take a step out of the Pisces Water days from the Mercury Station Retrograde and New Moon. That’s a lot of water together with the Sun, Mercury and Moon all in Pisces this week.

Are you drowning or surfing in the Pisces Water? 
What is leaving and what do you look forward to soon?

Here’s how the next few days shape up:

MAR 7 THURS: Void to Aries Moon – New Moon +1 day

Break for the void moon from 10a-1p PST. Now a new vision or start of a project. Note what makes you curious during these days of New Moon Week. Trust in this second chance of the moon cycle.

MAR 8 FRIDAY: Aries Moon – New Moon + 2 days

A nice healing balm to the day. Get new bearings with Mercury Retrograde settling in for the next few weeks until March 28. Still a second chance opportunity with the moon cycle.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Which do you choose?

Waxing Moon Six Days after the New Moon

NM+6 | New Moon plus 6 days | Waxing Moon

We are six days from that wondrous day of the New Moon that occurred way almost a week ago, when intentions were set and sent out to the universe. What I like about the moon cycle is that there are always — in our world of duality — two ways that you could be feeling now one short week after all of the excitement.

How it feels

  • Sensitive. Maybe you are still hiding under the covers and feeling vulnerable about the New Moon intention from last week. There are plenty of moon cycles when I feel this way inside. Check in with yourself and muse on the fact that there may be a push-and-pull debate going on inside about acting in a new way or staying with the old way. No matter what your goals are — whether it is a relationship objective, a career move, or a personal project — this is the core issue to face during this tail end of New Moon Week.
  • Confident. If you are active with the power of the moon cycle then you are probably busy expressing yourself and your project out in the world. Yaay!

t7yycgaovsw-daniela-cuevasWhat to do

  • Stay comfortable. It is possible that your internal debate will come to the conclusion that the old way is comfortable and a new way might be too distressing right now. Whatever you decide to do is honored. If you choose to stay comfortable it is okay. No judging here! All it means is that you will have a chance to address this same issue during another phase of the moon at a time when you feel stronger. This forgiving concept is my favorite part about the moon cycle. Also remember that even from a fragile space it is also okay to daydream about adding new activities to your life.
  • Go, work, play. Congratulations if you are moving along with your new moon intention. It’s time to come out and play. The world is waiting to see you! For those who find that expressing themselves comes naturally, this will be a very pleasant time. You are in your element. Allow for an adjustment period while the way that you normally think and feel changes with new experiences. Know that you have chosen your project well and move ahead with confidence. Feel the beginning of victory just ahead.

Find it easy now to let go of a negative emotion or attitude, if you were not able to do it last week. Try an imaginative approach to your project, as if you were a child at play. Know that you are more than the sum of what you learned in school. There are many ways to manifest what you want to accomplish. How about, “I am, therefore I play!”

A wise moon cyclist will also prepare for distractions that will pop up next week after First Quarter.

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Image credit: Unsplash