FQ+5 Moon cycle: Check in now because it is the point of no return

FQ+5 Moon cycle | First Quarter plus 5 days | Waxing Gibbous 93%

It’s the action phase of First Quarter week. The struggle to reach for something new is at a point of no return. We are on the home stretch towards the Full Moon.

How it feels

Accept that whatever has been set in motion is the truth for this cycle. This is a time of active expression. Understand that what you planned back at the New Moon Aug 14 and what you have now Aug 27 could be two different things. Remember: It’s part of the cycle and you are right where you are supposed to be.

  • Positive: Inspired and driven to your goal. You are bursting with creative expression.
  • Negative: Doubts about the project. Paralyzed with the current obstacle.

Acting out your creative expression in the world comes with a certain responsibility. Do your best to honor a sense of balance in what you are doing. It’s like riding a bicycle: You need to keep moving to stay on the bike. On one side of the bike there is the original plan that you made. You are in the middle, pedaling. On the other side are the consequences of what you are doing.

What to do

The parts that you mused about during the New Moon week Aug 14-21 are in full action mode. Now you are executing the details of editing your words, nailing the boards to the frame, working the pattern on the fabric — whatever your project requires. It’s time to choose and commit, be bold, and roll up your sleeves.

  • The plan is working. Keep to the basic plan that is already in motion and resist impulsive changes. Use your faith and keep working on it one step at a time.
  • The plan is blocked. If you find that you are not feeling in the swing of things and are facing an obstacle, accept it as a first step. If you butt up against it and resist, the issue will rear back with more force. Ask what is going on and patiently work to find the answers to work around it. What part of your plan was unrealistic and needs to be changed?

What to watch

How does what you’re doing affect another person? Not everyone may be on track, so watch for sensitive natures in those around you while you are forging ahead towards your own goal. Other people are moving towards their goals, too.

“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them humanity cannot survive.” –Dalai Lama