Moon Astrology for Nov 17 – 23, 2019 – Last Quarter Week Moon Phase

The optimum days this week for important business are Wednesday through Saturday. Times are PST.

Gardeners like to prune during the waning moon, and so do we look in our personal world to let go of what is no longer useful.

Mercury turns direct on Wed 11/20 this week and be back to normal by Friday.

Times listed are Pacific Standard Time. Add 3 hours for EST.


  • FM+5 is a phase note that it is five days after the full moon.
  • LQ+2 would be two days after the last quarter moon.
  • Each astrological sign relates to an element: Leo/Fire, Virgo/Earth.
  • Wane – it’s after the full moon, so the moon is in the waning phase.

NOV 17 – SUN

Cancer Water to Leo Fire

FM+5. Early morning relief lasts to 10a. Brunch with the void moon 12p to 2p. Leo moon 2p. But end it early with caution for evening.

NOV 18 – MON

Leo  Fire  Wane

FM+6. Delay Monday morning items to Tues-AM or Wed-AM. After 11a focus with Mars to Scorpio. Results of cycle are clear.

NOV 19 – TUE

Leo Fire Void to Virgo

Last Quarter. Finish by 12p noon. Void moon 1p-6p. Mental turning point needs processing time. It’s part of the cycle. Small steps.

NOV 20 – WED

Virgo  Earth  Wane

LQ+1. Be on the lookout for a positive breakthrough. Feedback brings new info about an overlooked detail. Vision who you want to be.

NOV 21 – THU

Virgo  Earth  Wane

LQ+2. No cooperation today. You’ve survived the gate of initiation. Release with downtime peace after 5p. Sort feelings, let go.

NOV 22 – FRI

Libra  Air  Wane

LQ+3. Better today. Last week’s troubles are gone. Feel purged. Let go. Maybe some new ideas arrive to change the situation.

NOV 23 – SAT

Libra  Air  Wane

LQ+4. Be alert for morning trouble. Caution all day, be safe. Allow something to let go. Ask for it 5p-6p. Evening downtime with friends.

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Lunar Hair Care for Slower Growth with the Waning Moon

Lunar hair care for the first week of December is dominated by the waning moon. This calls for a focus on slower growth for moon phase haircuts.

Hair care with the moon is a system of knowledge that classifies hair care treatments according to a particular moon phase or an astrological sign.

The end of November and first week of December has

Moon phase – waning

Astrological signs – Virgo, Libra, Scorpio

Choose these signs and the waning moon with lunar hair care for slower re-growth.

The combinations for lunar hair care break out like this:

Wane and Virgo

The best use of Virgo during the waning moon is to cut hair or trim ends with a focus on slower growth.

Virgo is dry, cold and barren. Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign.

Wane and Libra

Libra’s best features for lunar hair care are applied to coloring and chemical treatments. The idea with moon phase hair treatments is that waning moon emphasizes the slower return growth to preserve the coloring longer

Libra is wet, hot and semi-fertile. Libra is a Cardinal Air sign.

Wane and Scorpio

Scorpio is also known for being a useful astrological sign for coloring and chemical treatments. The last week of the waning moon has the strongest properties for the goal of slower re-growth according to the traditional western astrological principles for lunar hair care.

Scorpio is wet, cold and fertile. Scorpio is a Fixed Water sign.

Moon phase hair care calendar:

Color hair: 2018 PST

  • Dec 1 LIB after 9a
  • Dec 2 LIB before 2p
  • Dec 3 LIB before 8a
  • Dec 3 SCO after 2p
  • Dec 4 SCO
  • Dec 5 SCO before 12p noon

Color & chemical–slower growth: 2018 PST

  • Nov 29 VIR after 5a
  • Nov 30 VIR
  • Dec 1 VIR before 4a
  • Dec 1 LIB after 9a–BEST+
  • Dec 2 LIB before 2p–BEST+
  • Dec 3 LIB before 8a–BEST+
  • Dec 3 SCO after 2p–BEST+
  • Dec 4 SCO–BEST+
  • Dec 5 SCO before 12p noon–BEST+
  • Dec 5 SAG after 9p

Riding Moon Cycles Lunar Hair 2018

Cut hair: 2018 PST

  • Nov 29 VIR after 5a–BEST
  • Nov 30 VIR–BEST
  • Dec 1 VIR before 4a–BEST
  • Dec 5 SAG after 9p

Cut hair, trim ends–slower growth: 2018 PST

  • Nov 29 VIR after 5a–BEST+
  • Nov 30 VIR–BEST+
  • Dec 1 VIR before 4a–BEST++
  • Dec 1 LIB after 9a
  • Dec 2 LIB before 2p
  • Dec 3 LIB before 8a
  • Dec 3 SCO after 2p
  • Dec 4 SCO
  • Dec 5 SCO before 12p noon
  • Dec 5 SAG after 9p–BEST+

Cut hair, trim ends–thicker growth: 2018 PST

  • Dec 3 SCO after 2p
  • Dec 4 SCO
  • Dec 5 SCO before 12p noon

Learn even more about lunar hair care here.