Moon Astrology for September 13 – 19, 2020 – New Moon Week

September 17 – New Moon

October 1 – Full Moon – Harvest Moon

October 16 – New Moon

October 31 – Full Moon – Halloween

If you are up early Sep 13-15 before the sun, and have a clear sky, watch for the special treat of Venus next to the crescent moon.

Get it done early in the week.

Sunday and Monday with the Leo Moon and the backing of upbeat Mars in the material world.  

Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday with the practical Virgo Earth moon with a boost from orderly Saturn.

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

SEP 13 – SUN  Void to Leo Fire 9a

LQ+3. Venus favors social time 10a-1p. HI day for all plans. Allow new ideas to change the situation. Rise above moodiness. Let it be.

SEP 14 – MON  Leo  Fire  Wane

LQ+4. Early birds take advantage good contacts 7a-8a. Pluto PM deep research, or authority figures, tidy up. Enjoy relief balsamic moon.

SEP 15 – TUE  Void AM to Virgo 12p 

LQ+5. Routine tasks in AM. Watch morning impulses. HI and go after it in afternoon. OK to play hooky. Treasure recent wisdom. Some hope. 

SEP 16 – WED  Virgo Earth Wane

LQ+6. HI for all business to 4p. Might be difficult emotions dinner time. Dark of moon can be powerful, vulnerable. You are in charge.

SEP 17 – THU  Virgo New Moon

NM. Slow down in AM with ordinary tasks or rest. Afternoon notice what summons interest for a new adventure this cycle. Vision.

SEP 18 – FRI  Libra Air Waxing

NM+1. Pleasant to 10a but that’s the end of it. Inflated promises, wasted efforts, extravagance. Be on guard. No help in the evening.

SEP 19 – SAT  Void AM to Scorpio 12p

NM+2. Possible quarrels continue thru morning. Do your best. Defenses, combative natures afternoon. Summon counter-measures.

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Moon Astrology for August 23 – 29, 2020 – First Quarter Week

Another round of high starts early in the week with excellent days for important tasks and appointments Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Go like the dickens for three days and then pull back Thursday and Friday to normal, ordinary tasks.

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

AUG 23 – SUN

Scorpio Water Waxing

NM+5. HI day to make some headway on the plan. Good thinking afternoon. Aim high, be active. Quit after dinner, avoid upsets.

AUG 24 – MON

Scorpio Water Waxing

NM+6. Possible restrictions, frustrations with Mars. Waxing moon thinking changes, watch for new ideas, purpose. Evening gains from order, sober, efficient.

AUG 25 – TUE

Sagittarius First Quarter Wax

FQ. Rise early take advantage of morning insights. Mental struggles arrive 11a square. Work thru it. 12p-4p lazy or playful. Excess.

AUG 26 – WED

Sagittarius Fire Waxing

FQ+1. HI day to get ahead. Make changes, connect the dots, consult advisors. After 2p mixed emotions stir the pot. Better in evening.

AUG 27 – THU

Void to Capricorn 11a

FQ+2. Slow down in AM. A creative urge hits 12p-2p, or help others, compassion. Venus tenderness. Evening agreement is easy, content.

AUG 28 – FRI

Capricorn Earth Waxing

FQ+3. Not HI, not LO, but not bad either. Strength to pull it together, smooth relations. Watch for strong willed people. Optimism 6p.

AUG 29 – SAT

Void to Aquarius 6p

FQ+4. Wake up early and maybe good news 6a. Believe in the plan. Finish by 12p. Rest or chores PM. Creative ideas tonight.

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