How to Navigate the Waning Scorpio Water Moon

Saturday February 23, 2019. It’s four days after the full moon. Already?

The waning moon (moon is getting smaller) is the time for understanding what’s happened in the previous couple of weeks.

EMOTIONS – That Scorpio Moon

Perhaps those emotions are not a sense of impending doom but a purging process. It’s normal for the waning moon. It could be a matter of perspective.

WHY – It’s a Water Moon

Scorpio in the element of Water magnifies the emotions. Water is cleansing and transforming. It’s when we consider the why of what we are doing and how we feel about it.

FAMILIAR  – Moon Phase Wane

A break is good during this process. Or, at least staying in familiar surroundings with those we know well is helpful and comforting rather than chasing after something new.

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