2020 Year in Review for Lunar Hair Charts and 4 Takeaways

Lunar hair care is a system of knowledge that classifies hair care treatments according to a particular moon phase or an astrological sign. The interest in lunar hair charts to grow hair faster was a major highlight of 2020. Read on for the details and more about 2021.

#1 Lunar Hair Chart Interest

The interest in lunar hair care in 2020 held strong with the popular goal to grow hair faster and to cut hair for growth.

Stay Tune for Lunar Hair Care #4

This result is interesting considering the most popular hair styles were bangs and bobs with short cuts and asymmetrical lengths.

It appears that layers will continue in 2021 with the shorter styles along with wispy multi-coloring palettes and zig-zag waves.

I can only conclude that the folks who are following the fashion trends for keeping styles short are a different group from those who pursue DIY natural hair care with lunar hair charts.

In fact, people who are curious about haircuts with lunar calendars are also interested in astrology in general and other mystical matters.

We’re talking about women mostly who are interested in fashion styles. If they were also attracted to astrology and lunar calendars then I would expect to see a greater concern for “cutting hair to decrease growth” to preserve a style for a longer time.

#2 Lunar Hair Calendar Dates

As you know, I keep a detailed lunar haircut calendar called Lunar Hair Astrology. There were a few items to note from the months in 2020 compared to what I find it 2021.

What stands out is that there are fewer dates for three categories of

  • “Cut hair, trim ends–faster growth,”
  • “Cut hair, trim ends–thicker growth”
  • “Permanent wave, relaxant, straightener.”

This might be a disappointment to those who follow lunar hair charts for the popular faster and growth goals, but I look at it with a different perspective.

There may be fewer dates than last year, but each date is carefully chosen for its rating in the lunar hair category (like thicker growth), the moon sign like say, Leo, and most especially a passionate enthusiasm to choose the most favorable astrological transit for the time of the hair treatment.

You may wonder why I go on and on about these crazy details for the obscure topic of lunar hair care, and I wonder sometimes about it myself. I almost gave it all up several times. Then I get a message from someone who says how much the Lunar Hair Astrology chart helped them, or I see a reader who clicks to leave an enthusiastic review and rating for the book, and I know that there is more than one someone who values the lunar hair charts.

 #3 Lunar Hair Ratings

The Lunar Hair Astrology 2020 ebook showed 63% for the highest rating and 37% for the second highest rating. 2020 sales are up 24% over last year.

#4 What’s New for 2021

PRICE. The price is reduced for Lunar Hair Astrology 2021 as an appreciation for supporters and generate some hope for a better year ahead with a simple system of self-care at home or salon with a lunar hair chart.

ONLINE REFERENCE. Check out the new reference page called Treatments Lunar Hair Care which lists a description of each hair treatment – cut, color, perm – and all of the moon signs and their rating for lunar hair charts.

FREE WORKSHEET. Do you like to figure things out for yourself? Everyone has a different goal for hair care. There’s An Incredibly Easy DIY Lunar Hair Chart to download and type in your notes and use over and over again as much as you like.

Click on this link to see about it here: https://larainemesavage.com/blog/2020/11/27/an-incredibly-easy-diy-lunar-hair-chart/

Thanks for stopping by today! I wish you happy holidays and a great 2021 year ahead for all you want to do.