What are Last Quarter Peak Experiences?


A quiet strength of the moon cycle is found in the Last Quarter that gets neglected for the excitement of the New and Full moons.

The keyword for Last Quarter is “crisis.” It’s the half-way point between the Full and New Moons. A simmering time. An opportunity to review what’s happened recently. A mental turning point in how you feel about the actions of the last few weeks. It is usually colored by an intense emotional issue.

That issue connects to wrestling with personal values. It doesn’t have to be painful, especially if you know what is going on. Success for this week means that you examine your life in relationship to your values.


While all of this agitation is going on with emotions and value, another remarkable thing can happen. Sometimes it is in the very center of a crisis that a peak experience can occur.

Let’s take the highest form of crisis and look at what happens when there is a disaster. People perform all kinds of heroic actions to help others that seem impossible to believe. The people doing it hardly knew what they were capable of until they were put into an extreme crisis situation, like a 90-lb. woman lifting a 3-ton car off her trapped child.

Sometimes the cosmic balance leaves us grieving and wondering how such evil can exist, but one such incident took place on a September morning in 2001 during the Last Quarter phase:

Year 2001

New Moon Aug 19

First Quarter Aug 25

Full Moon Sep 2

Last Quarter Sep 10

Knowing that this event was a part of the cycle can never alleviate the pain that thousands felt, and still feel. We can only offer them our prayers and support.All about Last Quarter Peak Experiences

Here is another more recent Last Quarter event.

Year 2018

New Moon Dec 17 2017

First Quarter Dec 26 2017

Full Moon Jan 1 2018

Last Quarter Jan 8 2018

The night before Last Quarter when the Moon was heading to sextile Jupiter (public relations; recognition in business) Oprah Winfrey gave a speech on the Golden Globes awards show accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award for lifetime achievement.

See the links below if you missed it.

During the show it was astounding to see Hollywood silently portray the current issue of #metoo with the women all wearing black. Did you notice most women wore no lipstick also? The men wore small black pins saying “Time’s Up.”

I was thrilled to see this silent demonstration for women’s rights and after a while I almost left the show, thinking that was enough. And then Oprah showed up in all her glory. “O” she is called.

Who better to speak for women, surrounded by women in black, stripped of bling and standing together “fighting hard to make sure that they become the leaders who take us to the time when nobody ever has to say “Me too” again.”

Bless Ron Howard who had to follow her on the stage. He recognized the moment.


Want more? Here’s another Last Quarter peak event:

Year 2017

New Moon Dec 29 2016

First Quarter Jan 5 2017

Full Moon Jan 12 2017

Last Quarter Jan 19 2017

The worldwide Women’s March following the presidential inauguration took place on January 21, 2017, during Last Quarter week.

February 14, 1920: The League of Women Voters is founded at the Victory Convention of the National American Woman Suffrage Association in Chicago, Illinois. Last Quarter week.

May 21, 1919: The House of Representatives passes the federal woman suffrage amendment. Last Quarter May 22, 1919.

September 30, 1918: President Wilson addresses the Senate to argue for woman suffrage at the war’s end. Last Quarter week.

I know these events are anecdotal to the topic. Every Last Quarter and the week following do not produce every major event in the world. Major peak events do occur on other days of the moon cycle.

But when I see these events coincide with the moon cycle my view is that they perfectly illustrate the marvelous connections we have in the web of life in this universe, on this Earth.


You can’t plan for this opportunity of Last Quarter Week except to know it is possible during this part of the phase. Here you are deep in the pit of some kind of emotional frustration and it seems no one knows or cares about it.

It may be expressed as a full-blown drama or merely a series of thoughts while driving in your car. Then, when it seems there is no where to go, inspiration can pour in. Up is the only place to go, sometimes like a rocket!

Consider what peak experiences you have had in the past. Reflect on a past event that has turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Be pleasantly prepared for a situation now that will become a sweet memory of tomorrow.

Because you know what Last Quarter leads to – it’s preparation for the New Moon. And the cycle continues.

I’m so glad you stopped by today!

Phase on.

Link to video and transcript.


About the Moon – March 27, 2015

Plenty of folks talking about the Moon. There are so many ways to view, understand, and relate to the moon phases and the moon cycle. Here are the latest:

Moon Cycle and ProjectsStarhawk and the Moon Phases on Sounds True

Starhawk reminds us about the “as above, so below” concept of the moon cycle and moon phases that we can use in everyday life. Always need more reminders.

“And the cycles of transformation always work both within us and without us. So the moon cycle that’s going on in the sky around us is also a cycle that moves within us in our human lives through the lifespan, but also can move within us [in the sense that], you know, every project that you do has a beginning, has a period of fulfillment, has a time of letting go and passing on.”

Science ResearchDeer and the Moon Phases

Deer hunters are not the only ones who can benefit from knowing about how the deer respond during the moon cycle. How about photographers, nature lovers, environmentalists?

“Diefenbach doesn’t think anyone has studied the validity of these common beliefs about how deer respond to weather and moonlight. “This is a great opportunity to learn,” he said. “I’m certainly curious. Little has been published on deer movement in regard to changes in weather and moon phases, and what has been published is contradictory.”

Full MoonHow the Full Moon Can Affect Sleep

Putting science to work for the moon cycle. Yaay, team.

“One study by Dr Silvia Frey, of the University of Basel in Switzerland, confirms one shift we experience during the full moon is that we may tend to toss and turn more while trying to sleep. Dr. Frey’s research claims that we have an internal biological clock hardwired into our genes which means we sleep less when the moon is full. We take longer to nod off, and when we finally do get to sleep, it is lighter.”

April 4 Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – Head’s Up

Pacific coast and Hawaii folks are in the visibility line of the eclipse April 4, 2015, Saturday. Rise early to see it at 5:00 a.m. PST. It’s a short one, best to show up before totality.

You may find, as I do, that eclipse days can be a little unsettling. We can decide that it is okay. Best that can happen is to survey what may be out of balance and consider what the next step is to improve the conditions in the future. No one is asking for perfection! Just having the notion that a change may be appropriate is enough for one day.

I especially like the Sabian symbol for the eclipse at 14 Libra – “In the heat of the noon hour a man takes a siesta.” Sometimes it’s okay to take a break. (Note to self.)

Did you connect with the Moon this week? What did you see?

Image Credit: Fotolia