Moon Phase Full Moon + 3 days Wane


FM+3. The lunar cycle today is the Disseminating Moon. Wane. It’s three days now after the Full Moon. Seems like a week, doesn’t it? See the moon now setting in the early morning sky.

FM+3 Moon Phase Astrology. Tips for Emotions, Mind & Work.

FM+3 Moon phase and Emotions

The waning moon will bring up personal insights. Listen to them, as well as important input from other people. There is probably some nagging mental or emotional issue that has been off the main radar for a few weeks. Now is the time to recognize that it is there. It may be a fear, a deep one. The odds are this “thing” will make itself known quite easily. The trick is to be conscious of it and recognize it. You don’t have to do anything about it specifically, but name it if you can. See that it is there and let it be.

If you are feeling more constructive, consider what habit you have that you do without thinking. Identify it and be way ahead of the game, which can start the process of letting go of the fear that fuels a habit. Do not despair if any of these emotional situations sound foreign to you. If there is a current issue, it will bubble up on its own. Your only job right now is to listen. Be sure to use friendliness as an asset for your dealings with others – people need some extra attention now.

FM+3 Moon phase and Mind

Notice that some of the pressure is released now. Start to ease back from the endless process of pushing ahead at all costs. Consider the results of the last two weeks. What was the point? Was the effort worth the time and energy spent?

Spend a little thought time on the big picture of your project and what you have learned in the last few weeks. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown reorganization of the whole idea. It can be a renewal of what it is about your project or idea that inspires you. Free up some extra time in the next week to relax.

Thinking has changed in the last few days and you may be second-guessing previous decisions. This is a natural part of the waning moon cycle. Let the issues percolate. Say to yourself: “I know that I have the ability to choose what I want.” You are in charge of your behavior, focus, and routine and can decide the best way to go. What you are doing today is recognizing the concept. Here’s another: “I am the driver of my own bus and have the power to choose the road I will travel.”

FM+3 Moon phase and Work

Stick to familiar routines. The road ahead may get a little rocky so it helps to have extra time for sorting things out. Consider if your plan is realistic. In the rush of the last two weeks, did your attitude or feelings change? Perhaps starting a web site to sell machine screws is no longer inspiring to you. You may decide to keep the idea of the web site and change to another product like video games.

When faced with a choice, consider your gut feelings about it first. Then choose. Summon your ability to apply yourself to your task with some discipline in the face of frustration. Having an outline of your plan to refer to will minimize confusion. Just because you may feel differently, do not have doubts on the plan; keep working on it and the changes to it.

You may feel that you have no idea what or why you are doing a particular project or the work in front of you. That is perfectly natural at this time. It is NOT a signal to stop what you are doing. Keep working, but find out what keeps you from working – that is the very issue you should be working on! Remember: this is part of the cycle and it is okay. (Beginning, middle, end…)

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