Moon Astrology for August 2 – 8, 2020 – Full Moon Week

If you are wondering if you are sensitive to the electromagnetic field of the Full Moon, start now to notice if you feel differently the next few days. Some sensitive folks will call it tension or wired or nervous.

Two days after the Full Moon 8/5 Wednesday notice if you feel less tension or relief.  

Make appointments for next week with plenty of HI days:

Aug 10 Monday

Aug 11 Tuesday

Aug 12 Wednesday

Aug 13 Thursday

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.


Void to Aquarius Wax

FQ+6. Kick back easy AM. Watch early attitudes. Enjoy possibilities but not final yet. Recognize what is working. Self-care eases tension.



Aquarius Full Moon

Stubborn moods start the day. Full moon pressure. Strained conditions, wait on decisions. Endure the day for positive end with peace.



AQU, Void to Pisces 8p

FM+1. LO processing emotions, past choices, mixed. Bright spot 1p-3p, maybe. Skip social tonight. Choose a familiar thing for comfort.



Pisces Water Wane

FM+2. Feel more normal after full moon intensity. Changeable mood breaks up afternoon. Review progress, insights of the cycle.



Pisces Water Wane

FM+3. Pleasant morning for all tasks before 9a. LO after too dreamy for decisions. Good after 1p. Familiar is good. May have fussy issue.



Aries Fire Wane starts 6a

FM+4. Moody early. Check overlooked items. Better 3p-6p for mental work, contacts. Calm evening. Forgive rather than blame today.



Aries Fire Wane

FM+5. Clear for normal activities. Even emotions, moods in afternoon. Let anxiety ease up a bit. Careful evening foolish Jupiter.

This post is an excerpt from the 2020 Moon Astrology Planner paperback that is sold on Amazon.

Moon Astrology for July 12 – 18, 2020 – Last Quarter Wane

Early birds get a treat of viewing the Comet NEOWISE about an hour before dawn in the north-east sky.

Tuesday 7/14 and Wednesday 7/15 are the best days this week for important business.

The Moon travels through Earthy Taurus which favors security, slowing down, and stability in the solid forms of the material world. Good for financial moves now that Mercury is in direct motion again.

The Taurus Moon partners with a positive trine to responsible Saturn for practical activities that bring long term results.

A reminder from the 2020 Moon Astrology Planner on the July grid calendar: “July is the month to do necessary important items because August is basically a mess for easy progress.”

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

JUL 12 – SUN

Aries Last Quarter Wane

Day off with no agenda. Do simple activities to allow for processing time. Call it early night with uneasy emotions Pluto and indulgent Jupiter. 

JUL 13 – MON

Void to Taurus 11a

LQ+1. Moody AM. Keep to routine. Do HI priority biz after 12p. Taurus good for finance. Old concepts must pass away now. Ease up.

JUL 14 – TUE

Taurus Earth Wane

LQ+2. Let early AM ideas pass. Reality returns 9a for HI day for top tasks. You don’t have to be a fine example of past experiences.

JUL 15 – WED

Taurus Earth to Void

LQ+3. HI. Alert 10a-12p for possible crisis. Accept a change and find a benefit. Enjoy a bit of soothing relief    it doesn’t matter anymore.

JUL 16 – THU

Gemini Air Wane

LQ+4. Pull back from pushing, let go of being perfect today. An empty cup is part of the cycle. Venus spurs a social emotional late night.

JUL 17 – FRI

Gemini Air to Void 2p

LQ+5. Keep to routine, no big moves. Mixed emotions. Wait. Good day to play hooky. Believe an answer is out there, so it will find you.

JUL 18 – SAT

Cancer Water Wane

LQ+6. Regular Saturday. Wait on big decisions til next week. Dark of moon, hope maybe fragile. Good communication in evening.

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