Moon Astrology for May 3 – 9, 2020 – Full Moon

The Full Moon arrives Thursday May 7. The tension will build in the days ahead.

SUN MAY 3 after 9a has the astrological blessing of practical Virgo Earth supported by peaceful Moon trine Jupiter.



Hold your horses on Monday and Tuesday.

Extravagant Jupiter is stressed between impulsive Pluto and the emotional Moon.

There are plenty of good days during the rest of the week for important business.


WED MAY 6 after 12p through THU MAY 7 to 5p.

The Moon travels through emotional Scorpio Water and the high energy of the Full Moon is backed by a positive boost from Moon sextile Jupiter which is good for business.


FRI MAY 8 and SAT MAY 9 after 1p.

The Moon moves to Sagittarius Fire for enthusiasm sustained with a beneficial Moon sextile Mars good for physical activities and business.

* Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. Add 3 hours for EDT.



Virgo Earth to Void 7p

FQ+3. It’s a HI day to tackle important items, even through emotional flare-ups. There’s power in the air and you are part of it. Glow and go for it.



Libra  Air  Waxing

FQ+4. Save priority items for later this week Wed to Sat. Make plans, busy with afternoon details. Believe in your choices for this cycle.



Libra Air Wax – Void 7p

FQ+5. Morning by 10a is best. Get done by 2p. Believe that an answer exists so it can find you. Steer your Full Moon towards a result.



Scorpio  Water  Wax

FQ+6. HI day but let the prickly morning moods pass. Start after 12p. Full Moon tension rising. Accept current state. Focus positive.


MAY 7 – THU – Full Moon

Scorpio Full Moon

Best hours 4a-4p. Let it be when tempers flare with Mars 6p. Peace returns 7p-8p. Notice if you’re happy with current turning point.



Sagittarius  Fire  Wane

FM+1. Positive day to tackle important practical tasks. Believe you are the person you have always wanted to be. What you do has value.



Sagittarius Fire Wane

FM+2. Skip social contacts this am with contrary Venus. Do top items after 1p. Feels “normal” now. Know that you can find what you need.


This post is an excerpt from a week of tips in the 2020 Moon Astrology Planner. It’s a paperback book with lined pages that is sold on Amazon Books.

Moon Astrology for April 12 – 18, 2020 – Last Quarter Waning Moon

The waning Last Quarter moon arrives on Tuesday which offers excellent sky watching for early morning risers.

See Mars, Jupiter and Saturn with the moon Apr 14-16 just before dawn in the southeast sky.


Excellent days this week to get important tasks done are:

    April 13
  • April 14 to 4p PST
  • April 15 after 1p
  • April 17 after 1p PST
  • April 18 except 10a-12p PST



The last two weeks of April have limited “HI” days for priority business. Here are the best ones to choose:

Moon in Taurus Earth good for finance and practical business in the physical world.

  • APR 22 after 1p PST
  • APR 23 all day
  • APR 24 before 4p PST

Moon in Gemini Air is a good time for research, networking, and explore ideas for a project.

  • APR 25
  • APR 26

Moon in Virgo Earth for practical transactions:

  • MAY 2

Times listed are Pacific Standard Time. Add 3 hours for EST.

APR 12 – SUN

Void to Capricorn 5p

FM+5. Void day fine for holiday plans with no big expectations. Ease up. Stick to tradition, not new. Avoid nerves with an early night.

APR 13 – MON

Capricorn  Earth  Wane

FM+6. Stay out of trouble. Moon says make friends with the day. Sun says guard against powerful conflicts. Or frustration. Caution.

APR 14 – TUE

Capricorn Last Quarter  

Morning starts mild, but that’s it for the day. Caution, wait. Sun-Pluto tangle still hot. Conflict/tension by 4p. Void Moon 5p. Rest tonite.

APR 15 – WED

Aquarius  Air  Wane

LQ+1. Watch for stubborn tempers AM. Normal returns 2p. Good for social dinner, call it early before 9p. Vision who you want to be. Faith.

APR 16 – THU

Aquarius  Air  Wane

LQ+2. Wait with unusual day of no aspects. Stick to normal priorities, keep the trains running. Schedule needed downtime. Muse.

APR 17 – FRI

Void to Pisces 12p

LQ+3. Morning good for routine tasks only. Day picks up after 12p noon for scheduling appts & tasks. Rise above moodiness.

APR 18 – SAT

Pisces  Water  Wane

LQ+4. Not very social for morning, lie low. Go for it after 2p and rest of day.

Let go of being perfect while new thinking forms.

These practical daily astrology tips are excerpts from the 2020 Moon Astrology Planner which is available as a paperback book to order on Amazon.