Moon Astrology for June 28 – July 4, 2020 – Waxing to Full Moon

Tuesday 6/30 and Wednesday 7/1 are the best days this week for important tasks, even with the Mercury Retrograde.

The theme is practical with a positive Moon sextile to responsible Saturn.

The Full Moon is exact at 945p Pacific Time for a spectacular holiday evening July 4th.

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

JUN 28 – SUN

Libra  First Quarter Wax

FQ. Oops, hangover morning at 8a. Sleep in. First Quarter may bring a challenge or issue to face. Go beyond the discomfort.

JUN 29 – MON

Void to Scorpio 4p

Wax FQ+1. No fun in the morning with square Jupiter & Pluto. Low moods afternoon Saturn. Careful stay ethical with power conjunct Jupiter-Pluto.

JUN 30 – TUE

Scorpio Water Waxing

FQ+2. HI day, move ahead. AM surprise, common sense holds. Positive afternoon. Day filled with Mercury in tune with Uranus changes.


Scorpio to Sagittarius

FQ+3. Clear sails to 5p. Hope in the AM, practical in PM. Consult with advisors. Tend to details. Evening Sag active positive forces Mars.


Sagittarius Fire Waxing

FQ+4. Let a moody early morning pass. Quiet day to work your project. Face resistance with grace. You are in the right place.


Void-of-course moon

FQ+5. Foggy Neptune morning. Regroup. Enjoy holiday with few expectations, alert for dramas. Accept current results.


Capricorn Full Moon

FM. Nervous holiday morning 11a. Best hours 1p-3p. Full moon evening can be emotional, may be HI or LO. Count your blessings, adjust.

These targeted astrology tips are from the 2020 Moon Astrology Planner that is sold on Amazon Books.

Moon Astrology for May 31 – June 6, 2020 – Waxing Moon Phase

The two best days for doing important tasks are Tuesday and Wednesday with the Moon in Scorpio Water. These days are backed by a positive sextile to expansive and optimistic Jupiter.


June 5 is the Full Moon and lunar eclipse which is visible in Africa, India, and China. This marks the start of a new eclipse season that will set the tone for the next six months.

Consider the last six months and how much has changed since the eclipse of the Full Moon January 10, 2020.

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

FQ+2 means it is two days after the First Quarter moon.

MAY 31 – SUN

8a Libra Air Waxing

FQ+2. Do the right thing in the morning. But pull back PM or face battles, moods. Know that others have their goals, too. Better after 4p.


Libra Air Waxing

FQ+3. Fine for social coffee before 9a. Routine day. Schedule for Tue PM and Wed AM. Avoid butting heads with strong people.


Scorpio Water Waxing

FQ+4. HI for appts 12p-4p. Low mood for dinner but gets better 7p-9p. Obstacles are normal for this part of cycle. Call up some grace.


Scorpio Water Waxing

FQ+5. Excellent AM for top priority business with blessing from Sun/Venus. New ideas at dinner time. All systems go. Keep the faith.


Sagittarius Fire Wax

FQ+6. Normal morning. 11a-1p is duty, tradition. Watch for full moon dramas firing up. Wait on decisions. Accept current results.

JUN 5 – FRI – Full Moon

Sagittarius Full Moon

FM. Sensitive morning moods. Irritable tempers late morning. Foolishness in evening. Turn trouble to peace, find gratefulness.


Capricorn Earth Wane

FM+1. Be patient with a scrappy conflict in morning.

Go for top actions after 1p. Pick something familiar today to make you happy.

These weekly tips plus a month grid are listed inside the 2020 Moon Astrology Planner. The paperback with lined pages is sold on Amazon Books.