Lunar Hair Tip #1 – Cut Hair

The number one tip for cutting hair with the lunar hair care method is to choose a recommended astrological sign for the day of the appointment. Riding Moon Cycles Lunar Hair Tip #1 - Cut Hair

The signs for general all-purpose haircuts are ones that are in the barren class. That means Gemini, Leo, and Virgo, which are all barren. Sagittarius gets high marks with semi-barren as a good astrological sign for haircuts with the moon.

The next popular class is hot. Gemini, Leo, and Sagittarius are all hot. Virgo is the exception, being cold, but is included with these three for its similar quality of Mutable.

By itself, Capricorn is part of this group for its strong number of votes for lunar hair care from folklore and traditional western astrologers. Capricorn is semi-fertile, Cardinal, Earth, dry and cold.




Aquarius & Aries Lunar Hair Chart and Full Harvest Moon

Aquarius and Aries have more in common than you might think for astrological signs, especially for lunar hair care this week.

Yes, Aquarius is classed as wet and Aries is the opposite with dry.

And Aquarius is Fixed with Air, but then Aries is Cardinal with Fire.

But, what they do have in common is that they are both hot and semi-barren.

Aquarius & Aries

This means good things for two types of lunar hair care:

  • Cutting hair to see slower growth.
  • Condition hair.

As you can see in the chart below, Aries does trump Aquarius in the slower growth category overall this week. You’ll see it marked as “Best.”

Aquarius is the star for coloring hair with Fixed and Wet qualities. This week the waxing moon bumps it to best absorption.

Full Moon

Unfortunately, neither of these signs are a good bet on the lunar hair chart for the glorious Harvest Moon on Monday. Folks who swear to cut their hair only on a full moon would do better to wait until next month for Taurus to appear. This full moon would be best for a deep conditioning repair after the summer months.

Here are the Best of the Best dates for lunar hair cutting this week:

Lunar Hair Chart Week Sep-20-26

Color hair best absorption:

  • Sep 20 AQU–BEST+
  • Sep 21 AQU before 8a–BEST+

Condition hair:

  • Sep 20 AQU–BEST
  • Sep 21 AQU before 8a–BEST
  • Sep 24 ARI after 6p Full Moon
  • Sep 25 ARI
  • Sep 26 ARI before 1a

Cut for slow growth:

  • Sep 25 ARI–BEST+
  • Sep 26 ARI before 1a–BEST+

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