Moon Astrology for June 3, 2019 week

New Moon Week ahead direct from the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner.

JUNE 3 MONDAY – Gemini New Moon

Morning hours best for top items. Let the day be okay. It can be as powerful as the full moon. Note how you feel compared to last week.

JUNE 4 TUESDAY – Void to Cancer Water

NM+1. The day starts 10a after the void moon. Prepare priority lists. Identify next direction. Notice what holds interest. A new you.

JUNE 5 WEDNESDAY – Cancer Water Waxing

NM+2. Review lists. Reorder priorities. Decide to show up to your own life. Let go of worry. May be inspiration in late afternoon. Finish by 5p.

JUNE 6 THURSDAY – Void to Leo 12p

NM+3.  Check lists for long range plans like vacations. Be flexible while facing familiar limitations. Caution for low emotions in evening.

JUNE 7 FRIDAY – Leo  Fire  Waxing

NM+4. Watch for a mixups. Summon enthusiasm. Be ready for distractions. Tender sprout from new moon vision. Evening is bright.

JUNE 8 SATURDAY – Leo to Virgo Waxing

NM+5. 3p Take a break 1p-4p for the void moon. Good for social evening. Watch who or what comes to you. Reach out. 

JUNE 9 SUNDAY – Virgo First Quarter 

View the waxing half-moon in the evening sky. It’s okay to feel some doubt. Recall the new moon vision emotions. Face discomfort.

Lunar hair care for short hairstyles


If you like to keep your hair short and sassy, then read on here. This week and next feature the waning moon.

Lunar Hair Care for Short Hairstyles

First, the moon cycle.

We know that the moon’s light fades more each night after the full moon. Wisdom from country living tells us what people observed about the waning moon by word of mouth over many generations.

People learned that certain activities had a predictable result after the full moon when the light decreases or is waning.

Moon Wanes from Aug 27 to Sep 8, 2018

For instance, woodcutters noticed that when sap moved downward on a tree, it was the best time to cut timber for strength.

Also after the full moon, farmers recognized that grass grew back more slowly after a cut. Astrologers have long applied the same principles to hair care.

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Second, lunar gardening.

Lunar gardening is closely linked to lunar hair care. Gardeners and even winemakers around the world use the moon cycle to grow, maintain, and harvest plants and grapes. The terms and uses of the moon’s phases and astrological signs for lunar gardening are similar for lunar hair care.

Let’s take Aries and Gemini for examples

Aries class is dry, hot and semi-barren.

Gemini class is wet, hot and barren.

What Aries and Gemini have in common is being called barren or semi-barren.

The principles of lunar gardening hold that when the moon is in the barren signs it means that it’s time for maintenance, not for planting which is saved for fertile times.

Finally, lunar hair care.

For lunar hair care, all of these reasons translate to cutting or trimming hair during the waning moon to maintain a short hairstyle. The waning moon and the class of astrological signs support the goal of slower growth especially when the moon is in the sign of Aries or Gemini.

August 2018 Lunar Hair Care Dates for Slower Growth:


Aug 30 ARI before 2p–BEST

Sep 2 GEM after 3a–BEST+

Sep 3 GEM before 9p–BEST+

If you would like all of the lunar hair care dates for the year, click here.