Moon Cycle and Spring Resolutions

Those New Year’s Resolutions – where did they go?

What happened to the magic January 1 date on the normal calendar that marked the grand vision of The Big Improvement for the year? Life was supposed to improve dramatically with The One Big Thing. There was the doorway to the blue water and green grass of ease on the other side. Longing and yearning fueled the hope that it would all work out somehow. If only.

Fiori di pesco effetto spugnaEvery year that magic day of January 1 comes during an exhausting and emotional time of the holidays and the best intention soon becomes the One More Thing I Have To Do. This year New Year’s happened right before the full moon which fueled passion for resolutions. This same full moon likely caused many inspired resolutions to fade quickly after January 4.


Then the crash of the calendars hit the regular Jan-Dec one and the astrological cycle. The astrological year starts with Aries and ends with Pisces in March, a full three months later than our normal calendar. What a challenge to force a new vision through the important finishing time of Pisces for the astrological year. During the crucial weeks of Pisces February 18 to March 19 is a time for processing all that happened the year before, counting all successes and failures. Disappointment whispers that the Important New Year’s Resolution is still there, untouched.


This year we had the great good fortune of the astrological year and the moon cycle matching up at the same time. Aries started with a New Moon on March 20 for Spring Equinox. Even now, a New Year’s Resolution can be brought back to life. It’s time. It’s okay to start again. We can have permission to use both kinds of calendars – the January to December for “normal” scheduling and now honor the cycle of the year with seasons and moons.

Cycles are forgiving and gentle. Cycles balance out the demand of linear time. Cycles allow for second chances and do-overs. Maybe The One Big Thing looks a little different now and has turned into the One Small Thing that is just right. It is realistic and attainable. Look through that doorway again to the blue water and green grass and see if it is still there.

Is your resolution still there?

After the Full Moon

Year: Solstice  |  Sun: Sagittarius

Moon Cycle:  Waning Gibbous in Cancer  |   FM+3  |  90% Illumination

The full moon is so exciting and gets all of the attention, but what happens after the full moon?

Moon Phase astrology. What about AFTER the Full Moon?

Here we are after all of the melodrama. Those few days of the full moon get all the attention with the anticipation and passion that comes with it, but life does not stop after it’s all over. The moon cycle doesn’t stop, either. There are rich gems to be found all through the month.

Did you have a good full moon? Mine was a bit rocky, to tell you the truth, which I will get to in a minute.

Not all full moons are alike. And your full moon experience can be very different from mine. And mine are different all through the year. We can use astrology-speak and talk about birth charts and soli-lunar axis and Venus transits and the whole mix of planetary aspects for the day. Jupiter is retrograde, and Uranus goes direct in a few weeks.

Sometimes we can set all of that complexity aside and consider the moon cycle all by itself.

But something magical happens two and three days after the full moon.

There is a dependable symmetry to the cycle that I look forward to every month. Yes, my full moon experiences vary according to my personal transits and birth chart, and I welcome them. But something magical happens two and three days after the full moon. Life returns to Normal. At least, the hysteria recedes and if I didn’t get a chance to act in a graceful manner through the drama, I can look at it now to sort it out.

For example, during this last full moon I observed two distinct experiences – one was internal and the other was external.

Internal Full Moon Experience

My personal turmoil often comes in the form of a technical issue for one of my many projects. I have a plan all worked out, and then one of the steps in the plan gets a glitch to it. It’s frustrating, but often I find out quickly that it comes along for a good reason. Like, I need to learn something else or a better solution comes along. That’s what I hit this month.

I was working with a technical person, and the item we were working on did not fit together with my personal vision. When I recognized that the full moon magnified the situation, I decided to bow out of the whole thing for a couple of days. I told my technical person that the full moon was on Saturday I was letting it all go for the weekend and taking some time off from the project. It is hard to let go when immersed in an activity that you like, but I switched to some routine chores and gritted my way through it.

External Full Moon Experience

A few days before the full moon someone in our neighborhood posted a flier outside. It was a full page of typed print and nicely presented. The topic was interesting. It covered all of the reasons why no cats should be allowed outside, and included a scientific study that showed that an outdoor cat will kill 164 birds per year. This person clearly had a specific mindset about cats and birds. I did not necessarily disagree with everything this person wrote, nor did I agree with it all, but the attitude came through as nasty.

One of my neighbors was quite upset about the whole thing and posted a rebuttal. The situation had such a full moon atmosphere about it that I could only stand back and admire it all. I even got caught up in the dramatic emotional momentum for half a day until I recognized what was going on, meaning it was a fine example of a full moon experience. It didn’t affect everyone in the neighborhood the same way. If it did, no one mentioned it.

It’s Predictable

Back to today. It’s after the full moon. The symmetry about the moon cycle I mentioned is that it doesn’t matter if Mars is conjunct Pluto, or the Sun is in Sagittarius. Each day of the moon cycle has a certain flavor to it that you can depend on returning each month. I like the drama and spiritual character that the full moon days can offer, but I like Normal, too. In fact, it’s the prospect of Normal returning in a few short days that gets me through the time when a full moon experience is a little too exciting. I know these two days are on the way. It’s predictable. Every month.