Moon Astrology for week June 17, 2019

JUNE 17-23 – Full Moon Week ahead from the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner.

The practical, get-it-done days are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Delay decisions and stick to routine on Wednesday and Friday.

If you are magnetically sensitive, this week is a doozy. It started last Friday June 21.

Monday June 17 Full Moon is aligned with the Galactic Center at 25 degrees of Sagittarius.

That’s the magnetically charged full moon lined up with the black hole of the galaxy which scientists tell changes and distorts the paths of the material around it.

After that whammy, we move right into the June 21 Summer Solstice when the path of Sun crosses over the Milky Way.

This is called Galactic Cross.

All of this means you might be reeling with a spacey feeling or confusion.

Or you might reach for a higher plane with some spiritual work and positive intentions.

Here are the Moon Astrology tips for next week:

JUNE 17 – MONDAY – Sagittarius Full Moon
To Capricorn Earth 9a 
Take stock of completed parts. Celebrate! Light is shining now on progress. It’s not the end.

JUNE 18 – TUESDAY – Capricorn Earth Wane
FM+1. Note possible morning gush. Earth signs are good for financial items. Something familiar aids review of progress. Probably not perfect.

JUNE 19 – WEDNESDAY – Void-of-course moon
FM+2. All day VOC 4a-7p. Enjoy some ‘normal’ time after the frenzy of last week. Do chores, parts already in motion. Be safe tonight.

JUNE 20 – THURSDAY – Aquarius Air Wane
FM+3. Morning grumps pass. Better now. Look for neglected items to do. Wisdom wants to get itself out into the world now.

JUNE 21 – FRIDAY – Void-of-course moon-24hrs
FM+4. The void moon runs 7a Friday to Pisces 7a Saturday. Delay important tasks and decisions. Focus on chores, preps, pampering.

JUNE 22 – SATURDAY – Pisces Water Wane
FM+5. Enjoy a breather from recent tensions. Allow time to view the big picture. Muse on how to improve it all with new ideas.

JUNE 23 – SUNDAY – Pisces Water Wane
FM+6. Save big plans for another day. Tough aspects today. Keep it simple while feelings evolve. It may feel familiar, like when…

Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Sun Jan 20 2019

These few days before the eclipse may bring up an epiphany or a hidden truth or some other emotional experience. It’s okay.

Get ready for the Supermoon Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Sunday January 20, 2019.

The popular name for this eclipse is the “super blood wolf moon rising” coined by Mr. Scott Sutherland.

The last full eclipse we saw in the US was September 2015. Was it that long ago?!

It’s visible in North America. The time zones are

9:12p PST – starts at 8:30p
11:12 CST – starts at 9:30p
12:12a EST – starts at 10p

Look to the East if you are fortunate enough to have clear skies.

This one is called Supermoon because the Moon is closest to the Earth.

Which means that the eclipse has an extra charge on it.


A total eclipse is unusual and exciting. The cycle of the moon hurries through a whole 30-day cycle in a short couple of hours.

Our sense of time is shaken up.

When the moon is in shadow we might feel disoriented.

There is a shift going on but we might not know exactly what it is all about during the actual eclipse.

That’s okay. Chances are there is at least one issue that is at the top of the list for you to consider.

These few days before the eclipse may bring up an epiphany or a hidden truth or some other emotional experience. It’s okay.


The theme you may be working on now – physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual – will have a result showing by the time we get to the next round of eclipses in July 2019.

Eclipses are a good way to mark cycles in your life.


This one is at 0 degrees of Leo. Do you have your birth chart handy?

Look for planets at zero degrees. Plus or minus 3 degrees are included.

If the planet is in…

Aquarius – you have a challenging opposition to meet.
Aries or Sagittarius – you have a positive trine, so pay attention.
Capricorn or Pisces – you will have an adjustment to make.
Gemini or Libra – you have a friendly sextile ahead this year.
Leo – it’s a direct hit to shake something up.
Taurus or Scorpio – you have a square and a test to face.
Virgo or Cancer – there is no exact aspect for this eclipse round.

The House where the planet sits is the category of this eclipse.
The Planet is the topic of the experience.


Keep the schedule light for the day is my advice. Fortunately, it’s a Sunday.

A good idea is to do your version of a spiritual experience whether it is church, meditation, music, or ritual. Take time to visualize or write the positive results you’d like to see in July.

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