Moon Phase First Quarter + 1 Day Lunar Calendar

FQ+1. The lunar cycle today is one day after First Quarter. Check the progress of the light of the waxing moon in the night sky.

FQ+1 Moon phase astrology. Moon Cycle and Lunar Calendar. Realize that you have...

FQ+1 Moon phase and Emotions

A lot of inner work was completed in the last few weeks. Realize that you have all that you need to create your dreams, and trust your instincts now.

This is the time to recognize and receive whatever higher power you subscribe to.

It is love that makes the world go ‘round; know that it is true.

FQ+1 Moon phase and Mind

Know that you have gathered up reserves of energy for this time.

This action time has greater value because of your recent soul-searching, instead of pushing ahead at all costs without any meaning behind it.

Things appear to “pull together.” Connect the dots and bring the parts together, even though last week it didn’t make any sense.

Rise up to meet the thing that you want.

Dress up, act the part and believe that it is really you doing it.

FQ+1 Moon phase and Work

Choose the next phase of your project with full confidence.

Use all means at hand to move forward.

Leap over the impossible and affirm that you have everything you need to complete your self-appointed assignment.

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