Moon Astrology for July 15 – 21, 2019 – Full Moon Week

July 15 – 21 Full Moon Week ahead tips for moon phase astrology.


Some astrologers say that the eclipse has the best effect when it is visible in your location. I look back to the Great Eclipse of August 2017 that was visible in the US in contrast to many other eclipses in my past experience and I am starting to agree.

This Tuesday July 16, 2019 Lunar Eclipse is visible about everywhere else except the US this time.

Still, eclipses are potent points of cycle to mark endings and perspectives. What topics in your life now that need a change? This is the issue that will be left behind.

Eclipses have a second act in six months. I am keeping an eye on current topics in my life that will resonate again with the next important round of eclipses in December 2019 and January 2020.


Head’s up for Thursday and Friday morning for a long VOC moon. Wait on decisions and purchases.

Do chores, grooming, middle parts of projects already set up. No start or finish. Friends, relax with no agenda. Prepare for the hours when the action starts again.

Moon Astrology Planner


I’ve had a couple of classic Mercury Retrograde experiences this week. A mixup about documents. One clerk gave incorrect information and a mixup in instructions.

I had a call from someone I knew in the past, also a classic event for the retrograde.

I pushed ahead for an experiment of a new project and ran into technical problems. Another good lesson to pay attention. I will save the project for next month.

Do you have a Mercury Retrograde example to share?


Next week daily tips direct from the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner.

Hours listed are in Pacific Time.

Shorthand note for the moon phases:

FQ+6 means it is six days after the First Quarter moon.

FM+1 means it is one day after the Full Moon.


Capricorn Earth Wax

FQ+6. Bright idea early. Recognize what is working. Tension builds with the full moon. Delay social events in evening, caution for moody.


Capricorn Full Moon

Get important things done before 1p. The full moon may highlight some difficulties. Which doesn’t mean it’s over. Watch for dramas.


Aquarius Air Wane

FM+1. Still tension for some folks with full moon & aspects. Take care. Do something familiar while assessing. Probably not perfect.


Void-of-course moon

FM+2. Enjoy the feeling of getting back to “normal” after the recent whirlwind. Just have the day be okay. Routine tasks are best.


Void to Pisces Water 2p

FM+3. Keep it simple today with void moon. Wait until 220p for an important appt. Muse on the original inspiration back on Jul 2.


Pisces Water Wane

FM+4. Loosen up a little. May feel vulnerable. Consider what insights you’ve learned. May be ready to share. Hobbies, music, art.


Pisces Water Wane

FM+5. Decide to make it a pleasant day with positive Moon, Venus, Mercury. Use generosity with others as insights want to come out.

If you would like more lunar tips to schedule your events ahead, the whole year is listed out by the week in the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner which is available on Amazon.

Moon Astrology for week July 1, 2019

July 1 – 7, 2019 New Moon Week from the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner.


While many folks jump right in on the New Moon day with bold actions for a new start to the month, some of us may not be quite ready yet and that is okay.

A vulnerability or waiting to start is normal for the cycle. Just notice that this week is different than last week. Watch for new ideas to form naturally. Chances are it will come easily to you. You don’t have to force it.


Pay attention to current issues with the Solar Eclipse on Tuesday. Powerful tones will ring the same bell come January 2020.

Remember August of 2017? That eclipse rang again the next January 2018. Eclipses bring change which may be uncomfortable in the moment, but are ultimately for our best interest.


The July 4th holiday morning may dawn with cranky moods around the morning campfire, but will quickly smooth out for the rest of the day.

The evening is especially nice with a Moon trine Jupiter to keep the peace.


Now the VOC moon will sandwich the holiday before and after. My recommendation is to solidify preparations Monday morning and all day Tuesday.

Here are the daily moon astrology entries for the week in Pacific Time.

JULY 1 – MON – Gemini to Cancer Moon

LQ+6. Forge ahead in the morning. Pull back 3p-7p with the void moon. Group activities are favored. Hope or emptiness, accept it all. 

JULY 2 – TUES – Cancer New Moon

Strive to understand feelings about desires. How would it feel to completely have it? How are you feeling compared to last week?

JULY 3 – WED – Void-of-course moon

NM+1. It’s hurry up and wait with New Moon/Void Moon from 7a-8p. Tend routine and prepare for tomorrow. May be hope.

JULY 4 – THU – Leo  Fire  Waxing

NM+2. Caution in morning early, but rest of the day has the peace of Moon trine Jupiter. Let go of worry today.

JUL 5 – FRI – Void-of-course moon

NM+3. Delay important plans. Allow time to adjust to new ideas. Void moon is perfect to relax for the holiday or tend chores.

JUL 6 – SAT – Virgo  Earth  Waxing

NM+4. Feels like everything is ready to start the race. Good day for all plans. Notice whispers from past and how they affect new ideas.

JUL 7 – SUN – Void-of-course moon

NM+5. Possible tricky morning. Recharge all day 10a-11p. You’ve come a long way in a short week. A new desire bubbles up.

If you would like to look ahead even further for the lunar forecast for your plans, look for the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner paperback book on Amazon.

Photo by Veronica Reverse on Unsplash