Moon in Aries – What do you choose?

Thurs 3/7 and Friday 3/8 coming up with a change of pace as the moon moves to Aries Fire Waxing. Two weeks until the full moon.

We get to take a step out of the Pisces Water days from the Mercury Station Retrograde and New Moon. That’s a lot of water together with the Sun, Mercury and Moon all in Pisces this week.

Are you drowning or surfing in the Pisces Water? 
What is leaving and what do you look forward to soon?

Here’s how the next few days shape up:

MAR 7 THURS: Void to Aries Moon – New Moon +1 day

Break for the void moon from 10a-1p PST. Now a new vision or start of a project. Note what makes you curious during these days of New Moon Week. Trust in this second chance of the moon cycle.

MAR 8 FRIDAY: Aries Moon – New Moon + 2 days

A nice healing balm to the day. Get new bearings with Mercury Retrograde settling in for the next few weeks until March 28. Still a second chance opportunity with the moon cycle.

Chocolate or Vanilla? Which do you choose?