Moon Astrology for June 7 – 13, 2020 – Waning Full Moon Week


A glimmer of normal returns on Sunday 6/7/20 while we start to get some distance from the Full Moon and eclipse. The tension and fallout may continue to Tuesday.

The Capricorn Earth moon on Sunday favors attention to the details of life in the material world.

This inspires a contemplation of the dichotomy of the astrological moon quality occurring with the normally spiritual theme of this day of the week.

Perhaps it means the cycle offers an opportunity to take an action that originates from personal spiritual belief and faith. With the moon cycle, we get to choose to act, or not.


Monday June 8 2020  has a short window of time in the morning 9a-11 a PT accomplish an important task.


A grand day June 9 2020 starts after 11a PT with the Moon in Aquarius for some rational thinking.


Here are two more days June 11-12, 2020 to take positive actions on projects. The Pisces Water moon favors sensitivity but also industrious work. Try seeing what the day brings on its own with this Yin sign supported by a Moon positive sextile to optimistic Jupiter.

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

Capricorn Earth Wane
FM+2. Let petty trivialities pass in the morning and enjoy a positive HI day. Good for projects. Dinner plan positive. Wind down, okay.

Void to Aquarius 6p
FM+3. Are morning impulses valid? Ask for it 9a-11a. Low emotions dinner time. Enjoy relief after full moon, familiar comforts help a lot.

Aquarius Air Wane
FM+4. Fine time for top appts after 11a. Take stock of current results. It’s okay to be a human being instead of a working machine.

JUN 10 – WED
Void-of-course moon
FM+5. Early birds finish by 7a. Then routine actions only. Chores, clean up. Let anxieties ease up a bit. Thinking is evolving now.

JUN 11 – THU
Pisces Water Wane
FM+6. Make friends with this HI day and what it brings. Do top tasks. Low mood at dinner but evening brings welcome change.

JUN 12 – FRI
Pisces Last Quart. Wane
Last Quarter. Keep going with top items all day. Bow out after 6p and avoid tempers, later tension. Rest up. You need processing time.

JUN 13 – SAT
Void to Aries Fire Wane
LQ+1. Take it slow with Mars/Neptune 7a. Day starts after 2p. Funnel Aries urges to practical chores. Maybe find something overlooked.

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Moon Astrology for Oct 6 – 12, 2019 – First Quarter Week

The days to take care of important business this week are:

Monday after 12p noon,

Tuesday morning to 11a,

Wednesday, Thursday. Friday is VOC/void-of-course all day 3a to 10p. The moon is traveling between astrological signs and is not in aspect to any planet (hence the “void”), so we take it easy during this period of time. We need the moon to make an aspect like a sextile, square, trine, etc. with a planet to support an action.

2019 Moon Astrology First Quarter Week

Times listed are Pacific Daylight Time. Add 3 hours for EST.


Capricorn Void to Aquarius

FQ+1. Trust instincts. Choose what you want to express. Void 4p-9p. Make time to help others with their challenges.

OCT 7 – MON 

Aquarius Air Wax

FQ+2. Delay important appointments and tasks this morning. Start the day after 1p. Doubt leads to deeper values. Follow what you feel.

OCT 8 – TUE 

Void-of-course moon

FQ+3. Finish important tasks by 11a. Pull back with void moon to routine tasks, chores, projects already set up. Prep for Wed.


Pisces Water Wax

FQ+4. Adjust as needed. Proceed. Stand fast as others respond to the new you. Watch for complaints. Evening caution.

OCT 10 – THU 

Pisces Water Wax

FQ+5. Schedule the important appt 12p-2p. The new you is in motion. Keep the faith. Easy to be practical. Cheering for you!

OCT 11 – FRI 

Void-of-course moon

FQ+6. Chores and clean up work best for void moon. Avoid decisions. Note full moon tensions, how much you accept the new you.

OCT 12 – SAT 

Aries  Fire  Wax

FQ+7. Caution for tempers in the morning. Caution rest of the day with Venus opposite Uranus & full moon tension. Lie low, self-care.

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