LQ+7 The best New Moon experience

LQ+7 Moon cycle | Last Quarter plus 7 days | Waning Crescent 1% | August 13, 2015

When you are in the rhythm of the cycle, this time just before the New Moon brings understanding of all that you have experienced in the last weeks. It’s been a soul searching time for all of us. It might have felt like a major ordeal to survive or simply a collection of thoughts that occurred to you in the last week or so.

What it feels like

That little seed of hope fizzing up inside is a renewed faith in the future. Each cycle you have two possible outcomes for emotions. You may feel a little vulnerable with the changes taking place. During a different cycle this time may bring a sense of a new strength returning. Either way, the deeply felt pain and emptiness of last week starts to fade now.

What to do

Accept all that has changed you and those around you no matter what has happened. From this acceptance come the new ideas for the next round of the cycle. This is the releasing time of the dark of the moon. Letting go makes room for better experiences next week.

Once you have accepted and released, it’s time to make a mental vision of the thing that you want for the new moon. Place yourself inside of the vision like a movie in your head. Close your eyes for a moment and enjoy it. It’s your personal adventure. Feel the emotions that you will have when you get the thing that you want. Are you there? Allow yourself to feel a sense that this new version of you is about to come forth into the world in a short time.

What to watch

Know that the more you give, the more will come back to you. Likewise, the more you indulge in some pain, the more it can be magnified. The balance of emotions that you seek inside yourself does not come from another person. You get to choose. Seek the dynamic of group forces with exercising, talking to friends and co-workers at lunch, taking a class, or attending a music or sports event.

Accept whatever momentum is at hand with a new sense of purpose. Feel the surge for a new start at the New Moon tomorrow.

Image: Stokpic