Why the Moon Cycle?

Year: Solstice  |  Sun: Cancer  |  Moon Cycle:  NM+1 in Cancer

Can the moon cycle make any difference in my life, or yours? The question is a good one. Along with it comes another natural question: haven’t we progressed beyond the need to live with the concept of the lunar rhythm? Hey, we’ve got apps now!

The fact is, we need the moon cycle now more than ever.

It’s a popular consensus that we no longer need a system that is generally scoffed at as folklore and ancient history. Try asking anyone you see today what phase the moon is in. Likely you will be looked at as if you have two horns on your head and you will definitely not get asked out to lunch.

The moon cycle bridges the chasm between human and being by providing a physical experience with a spiritual message.

We see the moon in the sky for a physical experience, and spiritual insights are developed within through the cycle. For some it may be true that we no longer need the moon cycle, and I would like it to be true: to be so physically and spiritually advanced that the need to follow the moon cycle is no longer required. Others of us are looking for answers while we attempt to make it through the day unscathed. We are wondering what our spiritual path is, what meaning is there is for us in this world, what more is there than the next new technology?

It is possible that humans can become truly wonderful spiritual people, capable of peace, love, telepathic communication (currently manifesting as Tweeting), and masters of natural energies. Our brains and pituitary glands have evolved to the point that many of us have the capability to understand spiritual concepts, however contradictory that many sound.

Do we leave behind the spiritual connection to our physical home made up of Sun, Earth, Moon and Stars, in the race for technological superiority? No. We are called “human beings” because we are defined with two parts: physical (human) and spiritual (being). To me that means we are spirits having a human experience on earth.

And living on earth means we resonate with all that interacts with it, including the moon. This week the message is New Moon: imagine the possibilities. The biggest secret about the moon cycle is that it only activates when we engage the process.

Water Blessing

Year: Equinox  |  Sun: Aries  |  Moon Cycle:  LQ+5 in Pisces

Still savoring the experience of last week to honor World Water Day with a water blessing ceremony; still humbled and filled with gratitude for this essential element that keeps our earth and bodies alive in this material world.

A cleansing white sage smudge started the day, followed by a calling of the spirits in the Inca tradition. This style of calling was new to me and I welcomed the essences of the four directions, father sky and mother earth with a new perspective.  Bless us, guide us and keep us safe during our celebration today.

We learned again the names of the local trees and their spiritual contributions to the land. A land renewal is in progress to plant trees and encourage the beaver to return. Another project is working to create habitat in the creeks by placing logs to slow the water for the salmon to spawn and make safe places for other water-loving creatures to hatch. I could only stand back and admire the enthusiasm and strength of the young people to accomplish this task.

We observed a time of silence to walk the land and greet the nature spirits. Sounds of a flute spread delicately across the meadow. A Native ceremonial singer accompanied the music with his drum and his authentic voice filled the air with wholeness and beauty.

I was attracted to the tiny slips of trees that were planted, dozens of them lined up near the creek. At first I wanted to make sure I didn’t step on them, then kneeling down I sent a silent greeting to four of them one at a time. Each had a different vibration and vitality: one was high and light and another rich and melodious. I silently applauded the strength they had to thrive in their new life and prayed for the water to keep them growing to maturity.

A walk in a stone labyrinth set in the meadow provided a personal focus. My body trudged with a heavy step around the endless winding path that seemed to take forever to complete. The journey ended at the center with a nurturing sense of being welcomed home at last. I experienced the lightness of release and hope on what felt like a much shorter journey back on the way out.

We gathered near the edge of the creek to offer our blessing to Water with an expression of song meditation. I recalled Masaru Emoto’s work with water that the offering blessings and sounds to water will result in beautiful formations of water crystals. The water was returned to the creek to mingle its blessing with all of the waters as it flowed to the rivers and beyond.

Afterward driving home we saw an eagle flying above, following our car down the road. Then at home the hummingbirds circled and zoomed. We were attuned to the land and the animals responded. Most remarkable was the two resident cats at home who followed us to our own creek. It was a brand new experience for them – to go out of the Shire with courage; their display of trust was beyond measure. We offered the blessed water to the local creek waters.

Thank you to Water. Gratitude to Water. Love to Water.

Bless us, keep us and share your bounty with us.

Life…….Water! It’s just a Rain away…..it’s just a rain away…