Moon Astrology for October 18 – 24, 2020 – Crescent Waxing Moon

October 16 – New Moon

October 31 – Full Moon

November 14 – New Moon

The Moon Astrology Planner monthly grid calendar rates each day and hour with HI for top priorities, GOOD for normal tasks, and LO / WAIT to delay decisions.

The weekly page contains short, focused tips to steer your course for the day with possible concerns related to astrological transits and reminders of the current moon cycle. Opposite the weekly calendar is a lined page for notes about tasks, emotions, events, dreams, issues.

This coming week take care of important tasks on:

OCT 18 Sunday to 2p

OCT 19 Mon Moon in Sagittarius

OCT 20 Tues to 8p

OCT 23 Fri Moon in Aquarius

OCT 24 Sat to 2p

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

OCT 18 – SUN

Scorpio to Void 2p

NM+2. Morning low mood passes. Go to 2p all concerns. Push-pull with new moon vs. retrograde with Mars square. Call it early.

OCT 19 – MON

Sagittarius Fire Waxing

NM+3. Morning positive and HI. Glitches surface. Check all plans. 360 degree awareness. Change of pace, familiar limits to face.

OCT 20 – TUE

Sagittarius to Void 8p

NM+4. Early birds benefit get a jump on the day to 7a.  Low mood creeps in. Better after 10a. People from the past. Relief in evening.

OCT 21 – WED

Capricorn Earth Waxing

NM+5. Common sense and good contacts late morning.  Deep feelings today. Beware Uranus impulse purchases Mercury retrograde regrets.

OCT 22 – THU

Capricorn to Void 9p

NM+6. Pull back in afternoon with hasty urges. Earthy Capricorn moon good for details, practical. Avoid social tonite, gloomy. 

OCT 23 – FRI

Aquarius First Qtr Wax

FQ. HI early, late. PM struggles with petty details. Discomfort, obstacle. Test to go beyond. Or someone else chooses your road.

OCT 24 – SAT

Aquarius Air to Void 3p

FQ+1. Excellent morning to sort a problem. 12p-3p help from Mars to get it done. Busy waxing moon to connect the dots. Help others.

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Moon Astrology for October 11 – 17, 2020 – Wane Last Quarter Week

  • October 1 – Full Moon
  • October 16 – New Moon
  • October 31 – Full Moon

The best days this week for top tasks are tempered with consideration for Mercury Retrograde starting Tuesday at 6p. Double check details and be alert for changes to plans.

Do most important items on:

  • OCT 11 Sunday Moon in Leo
  • OCT 13 Tuesday Moon in Virgo
  • OCT 14 Wednesday to 3p PT
  • OCT 17 Saturday Moon in Scorpio

The moon cycle closes this week winding down with the waning moon.

Recognize how much has happened since the Oct 1 Full Moon a few short weeks ago.

And how you are changed because events and insights.

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

OCT 11 – SUN

Leo  Fire  Wane

LQ+2. Caution for turmoil in morning. Excess restless nerves afternoon. It’s a go day if tolerance for issues. No? Relax, release, process.

OCT 12 – MON

Void Moon to Virgo 10p

LQ+3. Void for routine matters, but positive AM for socializing. Just no decisions. Relish this break from intensity for one day. Rest.

OCT 13 – TUE

Virgo  Earth  Wane

LQ+4. Enjoy interesting encounter AM, positive contacts PM. Do tasks already set up. Pause while Merc gains traction on its path.

OCT 14 – WED

Void 3p to Libra 11p

LQ+5. Flare-up in AM. PM focused work with Saturn support. Believe an answer exists and is on the way to you. Neutral evening.

OCT 15 – THU

Libra  Air  Wane

LQ+6. Use daily priority lists. Mix of hope, maybe vulnerable. Notice empty feeling fade. Accept all of it. Review, find errors, fix problems.

OCT 16 – FRI

Libra  New Moon

NM. Unsettled morning. Test of grit. Nit-pickers in the PM. Best is to let the day be okay, mind your business. Notice NM power.

OCT 17 – SAT

Scorpio Water Waxing

NM+1. Check long term lists. Be alert for edgy moods. Do top business 11a-2p friendly contacts. Notice a positive new urge.

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