Moon Astrology for May 31 – June 6, 2020 – Waxing Moon Phase

The two best days for doing important tasks are Tuesday and Wednesday with the Moon in Scorpio Water. These days are backed by a positive sextile to expansive and optimistic Jupiter.


June 5 is the Full Moon and lunar eclipse which is visible in Africa, India, and China. This marks the start of a new eclipse season that will set the tone for the next six months.

Consider the last six months and how much has changed since the eclipse of the Full Moon January 10, 2020.

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

FQ+2 means it is two days after the First Quarter moon.

MAY 31 – SUN

8a Libra Air Waxing

FQ+2. Do the right thing in the morning. But pull back PM or face battles, moods. Know that others have their goals, too. Better after 4p.


Libra Air Waxing

FQ+3. Fine for social coffee before 9a. Routine day. Schedule for Tue PM and Wed AM. Avoid butting heads with strong people.


Scorpio Water Waxing

FQ+4. HI for appts 12p-4p. Low mood for dinner but gets better 7p-9p. Obstacles are normal for this part of cycle. Call up some grace.


Scorpio Water Waxing

FQ+5. Excellent AM for top priority business with blessing from Sun/Venus. New ideas at dinner time. All systems go. Keep the faith.


Sagittarius Fire Wax

FQ+6. Normal morning. 11a-1p is duty, tradition. Watch for full moon dramas firing up. Wait on decisions. Accept current results.

JUN 5 – FRI – Full Moon

Sagittarius Full Moon

FM. Sensitive morning moods. Irritable tempers late morning. Foolishness in evening. Turn trouble to peace, find gratefulness.


Capricorn Earth Wane

FM+1. Be patient with a scrappy conflict in morning.

Go for top actions after 1p. Pick something familiar today to make you happy.

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Moon Astrology for May 24 – 30, 2020 – Waxing New Moon Week

The Indy 500 race is delayed to August 23rd!

Spot the crescent moon in the SW early evening sky.

Three days this coming week are highlighted to move ahead on important business.

WED MAY 27 the waxing Moon in Leo Fire is supported by a positive Moon sextile to pleasant Venus.

The element of Fire is yang and physical. Use this Leo fire to go after results quickly, start projects, be inspired.

FRI MAY 29 and SAT MAY 30 The Moon in practical Virgo Earth gets a beneficial boost from expansive Jupiter.

The element of Earth is practical and serious. Now it’s time to paint the house, edit the details, and do the work.


SUN MAY 24 and THU MAY 28 are the days to pull back and tend to chores, relax. Wait on decisions.

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

MAY 24 – SUN

Void to Moon Cancer 4p

NM+2. Rest from recent pushing. Day off. No decisions with wayward Mercury/Pluto. Also decide to set worries aside for one day.

MAY 25 – MON

Cancer Water Waxing

NM+3. Keep a normal routine day. Schedule Wed-AM. Be flexible if limits take you out of your comfort zone. It’s vital. Self-care evening.

MAY 26 – TUE

Cancer Water Void 6p

NM+4. Caution morning fog. Stick to facts. Gossip, doubts in PM. Void at night. Day to lie low. Gaze at crescent moon early evening.

MAY 27 – WED

Leo  Fire  Waxing

NM+5. Reach out to get it before noon. Be glad you waited. Wait 1p-3p, then evening can be good. Try to focus with data pouring in.

MAY 28 – THU

Void-of-course moon

NM+6. Pull back and switch to chores, routine, all day. Work parts already in motion, mechanical. Trust that you have chosen well.

MAY 29 – FRI

VIR First Quarter Waxing

Overwhelm possible with Mercury/Saturn all day. Wield it by patiently tackling one step at a time. Doubt, discomfort normal for cycle.

MAY 30 – SAT

Virgo  Earth  Waxing

FQ+1. All clear 9a-2p to do priority items. Rest in afternoon. Be alert for emotional evening but turns out ok. Make time to help others.

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