Cutting Hair by Moon Phase – Lunar Haircuts

I made it my personal mission to discover what the heck it was all about, this cutting hair by moon phase stuff.

It may sound silly but, yes, I have to say, “My name is Laraine, and I do cutting hair by moon phase.”

There, it is out. Others might say, “Right, you are a luna-tic.” Well, then, maybe I am a lunatic. You would think that I had always cut my hair with the lunar cycle. But, no. Even though I was an avid fan of living with the moon phases for many years, I never did apply the principles to my hair until I got a whopper of a bad haircut one day. I was so astounded that I made it my personal mission to discover what the heck it was all about, this cutting hair by moon phase stuff.

I went where most people start. Probably the first place someone might go to find out about the moon phases to schedule any activity is to the Farmer’s Almanac. They have been predicting weather and giving gardening advice according to astrology for, what, almost two hundred years now.

Tips for baking, canning, mowing, digging, pruning, weaning, potting training and haircuts are listed for each month every year.


Now, where does that information come from, I asked? Ah, yes, it comes from “folklore,” that mysterious collection of past experiences from the traditions of our forefathers. If you say “folklore,” then you need not say any more about it than that. Don’t get me wrong, I am a follower of folklore, love hearing about it, and believe that our modern analytical thinking sometimes gets in the way of finding simple solutions. Disregarding folklore because you have not yet taken the time to understand it and believing that “modern” thinking is the only answer, well, I say you are missing a lot of good stuff.

Anyway, my story is about my current experience. Suffice it to say I did my homework. Starting with the Farmer’s Almanac, I searched out about thirty other sources from books and the internet and, believe me, it is not an easy topic to research. There are plenty of folks who do not like the topic one bit, as you will soon find out if you follow my footsteps and research it for yourself. I don’t recommend that you shout it out to just any forum or group. There are folks who have plenty to shout back to debate the topic and tell you that it is blank-ety-blank if you speak up about it. Well, that’s okay, too, because everyone gets to make their own choices in this life. I wish them all well. I hope to be left to my choices also.


My first experiment was to cut my hair on the third day before the Full Moon. I was so happy with that haircut! I do not cut my hair often if I can help it. The “feel” of my hair is the most important issue for me. So, that was the “waxing moon” cut.

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The next haircut I did was also a waxing moon, but this time I picked a day closer to the New Moon. There was a huge difference compared to the previous haircut. In just one-third of the time of the previous haircut, my hair was growing like a weed. My notation for this cut is, “Hair is too long and too thick. Just getting in the way. Need a cut.” I did not like it.

So, what does this personal moon phase experiment tell me? It tells me that I much prefer a haircut during the waxing moon just before the Full Moon. There is just too much “waxing” time going on if I cut it just after the New Moon. Do you know what I mean? The waxing moon lasts for a good two weeks.

I went on to experiment with many more moon phases for my haircuts.

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The thing about this cutting hair by moon phase thing is that it may take a little time to sort out which is the best moon phase day for the goal. So you have to be a little patient. On the other hand, I can also say that I realized disappointing results fairly soon when I had that first bad haircut.

After much research and many more observations, I am more than delighted with cutting my hair with the lunar phases. I took the time to use modern methods of testing out the “folklore” for myself to see if it works for me.

You get to decide for yourself. Thanks for stopping by today!