The two amazing days for hair care with the moon phases

An intriguing concept about hair is that it is an energy carrier and indicator of the health of a person. Hair with strength and shine expresses vibrant health. Hair that is weak and dull is a sign of less than perfect health. Like skin and nails, it is possible for hair to reflect an imbalance of hormones or be a sign of disease.

Joanna Paungger writes in “Moon Time” that “the moment of touching is the decisive factor.” The phase of the moon and its position in the sky “work like a magnifying glass which bundles my intentions together and permits me to achieve a greater effect with them than if they were separate.”

Those elegant words describe my experience with the moon cycle each day. Because we have electronic gadgets now does that change what our grandmothers knew about planting, canning, husbandry and hair care? I think not. In fact, I believe that the fast pace we manufacture each day separates us from the simple truths of living in harmony with earth and sky. It takes some attention to slow down.

In her book Living by the Moon, Ute York tells us about Munich hair stylist Georg Hirschbolz who compared his customer’s hair results against a moon calendar. The local folklore proved that the best days for not losing energy by cutting hair are the third day after the New Moon and the third day before the Full Moon.

He started his remarkable research on the advice of one of his customers whose mother told her about it when she was a child. Where did that mother get her information? From her mother and grandmother, and so on back through the generations. They had no global internet service to tell them what to do. They related activities over time with the phases of the moon by observation and practice.

This practice of hair care with the moon phases is not about speed. Far from it – it takes perseverance and patience. It is not a click away or a passing thought. On the other hand, the practice is fairly easy to apply when the choice is made.

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