It’s a New Year’s Waning Moon Phase

The good news is that you’re off the hook for acting on any resolutions this week.

Riding Moon Cycles 2019 New Year's Waning Moon Phase

Why? This week the moon is in the Last Quarter, the letting go phase of the moon. Start the short week slowly to adjust from a past to future outlook with the New Year’s ritual of change. Better this week to take care of overlooked items that were set aside during the holidays. At some point a new vision may pop up on its own.

The preparation time is for the New Moon on Saturday January 5, 2019. It’s also a partial solar eclipse in Capricorn at 15 degrees. The best use of this day is to infuse a vision with the emotions of already having what you want, right now, in the present moment. Like playing a movie in your head. See the images and feel the emotions.

Start New Year’s Resolutions after the eclipse passes, so that means next week. We all experience the flow of the moon cycle differently. Sometimes a spark of a new vision comes during Last Quarter week and other times it appears a good many days after the new moon. Either way is okay with the moon cycle. Be on the lookout for it with an expectant frame of mind.

Have these moon cycle concepts at your fingertips each day with the 2019 Moon Astrology Planner.

Warm wishes for a great new year to you! I appreciate your stopping by today.

Lunar Hair 2019 About this Edition

There’s a couple of new features for Lunar Hair 2019, the ultimate lunar haircut chart. Here is the “About this Edition” chapter preview:


All of the dates for treatments are carefully chosen for the best principles of lunar hair care.

This year, it gets even better.

Each day is not only calculated for lunar hair principles, but for the best astrological conditions for the day.

Moon trine Venus? Yes! Moon square Saturn? Depends. Moon square Mars? Let’s pick another day. Strong aspects with big planets are clearly noted with a caution. Please review the Notes for the daily listing.

I strive to sidestep the worst astrological aspects and still maintain enough open times to accommodate all schedules and types of lunar hair care.

Sometimes it looks like there’s no good time at all for days or even a week. And then you see all of the wonderfully good days with positive astrological aspects.


You’ll see a new format for dates. In the main listing, a bold/underline format for a date means it is an exceptionally positive astrological aspect for a lunar hair treatment.

Here are examples:

Jan 27 – bold and underlined means the whole day is recommended.

Jan 14 – bold only means to look for the hours that are bold/underlined.

Jan 14 – START after 12p noon – shows the time to start.


A couple of thoughts about 2019.

March is a tricky month this year. I keep scratching my head when I look at it.

March 5-27. We’ve got the Mercury Retrograde which is basically the whole month. That in itself is a mixed bag with Mercury traveling through Pisces.

March 21. I’m looking at Mars quincunx Jupiter which is an aspect of 150 degrees. Not many astrologers consider this aspect any more but, as a person who has experienced eleven of them at once, I can assure you they are worth observing when you can. Watch for confusion, competition, trouble. A quincunx (also called an inconjunct) is an adjustment.

March 24. Mercury conjunct Neptune. We’ve never seen Neptune in Pisces before. Will it be a spark of creative imagination or an escape with vices? Lookout for garbled communications and thinking. We hope to glean the best qualities here, but the details of modern life normally demands more efficiency than this combination can muster. Keep schedules to the minimum and let this play out for the rest of the month.

June. Complete important haircuts and treatments for summer in June before the Mercury Retrograde arrives on Jul 7.

November. We get the Mercury Retrograde early this year, which I consider to be good news. The dates are October 31 to November 19. This means there is plenty of time for holiday lunar hair treatments after these dates.

To look ahead for your lunar hair dates, click here.