Moon Astrology for Feb 16 – 22, 2020 – Waning Last Quarter Week

The best days for top priority business are:

Sunday 2/16 and Monday 2/17 with the Moon in Sagittarius. The Sag moon completes with Moon sextile Sun mind/emotion harmony.

Thursday 2/20 after 12p noon PST and Friday 2/21 to 6p PST with the Moon in Aquarius. The Aquarius moon finishes with Moon sextile Venus pleasant associations.

Caution for Mercury Retrograde to check details. Review plans, contact people from the past, edit, find mistakes, refine existing projects.

Times listed are Pacific Standard Time. Add 3 hours for EST.

FEB 16 – SUN – start Mercury Retrograde

Sagittarius Fire Wane

LQ+1. Best help today is to ease up the pace with no demands. Call it an early night. Mercury is in mingling waters so best to wait.


FEB 17 – MON

Sagittarius Fire Wane

LQ+2. Even day with no big blips either way. Fire days good for quick, loud and physi-cal. See if a new idea just pops up out of the blue.



FEB 18 – TUE

Capricorn Earth Wane

LQ+3. Tough morning, hang in there, maybe a positive change arrives by 8a. Rise above moodiness. Use Pisces Sun to dream a little.


FEB 19 – WED

Capricorn Earth Wane

LQ+4. Morning perky with optimistic Jupiter. Ask for it before noon PST. Work tasks al-ready set up. Feeling empty is part of the cycle.


FEB 20 – THU

Void to Aquarius 12p

LQ+5. Low key morning with routine tasks. Best hours 12p-4p. Upsets and difficulties after that. Relief in the evening. Some hope?


FEB 21 – FRI

Aquarius Air Wane

LQ+6. Pleasant Venus offers success for dinner plans. Moon cycle favors mingling in a group setting. Keep to familiar territory.


FEB 22 – SAT

Void-of-Course Moon

LQ+7. Best results today is to not push the river. Stick to known places and activities. Chores, relax. May be vulnerable for new moon.

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Moon Astrology for Feb 9 – 15, 2020 – Full Moon Week Wane Phase

The best days are Feb 11 after 3p, Feb 12, Feb 13 am, Feb 14, Feb 15 am.

Times listed are Pacific Standard Time. Add 3 hours for EST.


Void Moon to Virgo 4p  

FM+1. Enjoy a happy morning. Let that mood rule day off with rest. Evening may bring happy changes. Choose familiar over new.


FEB 10 – MON

Virgo  Earth  Wane

FM+2. Nervous agitation early. Afternoon good for business or asking favors. Enjoy getting back to normal after full moon tension.


FEB 11 – TUE

Void Moon to Libra 4p 

FM+3. Pursue important task to finish by 9a. Caution for upsets right after. Day improves with friendly Libra. Muse on the big picture.


FEB 12 – WED

Libra  Air  Wane

FM+4. Schedule for the morning and pull back in the afternoon. Delay decisions. Familiar surroundings help. Relax with music, arts.


FEB 13 – THU

Void to Scorpio 5p

FM+5. Time to get it done before 12p noon PST. Ease back in afternoon and plan quiet evening and possible trouble. Thinking evolves.


FEB 14 – FRI

Scorpio Water Wane

FM+6. Make it happen. Good in morning. Evening plans supported for success with Jupiter and inspiration late with Neptune. Yay.


FEB 15 – SAT

Scorpio AM – Void PM 

Last Quarter. Mixed morning turns out ok. It may not last with afternoon tension. Better to be responsible, peaceful. Simple tasks help.

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