Solstice and Check in Full Moon

  • June 24 – Full Moon
  • July 9 – New Moon

Hope and celebration arrive with the Solstice. Let us count our blessings.

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Summer Solstice Sunrise Sunset Sunday Stonehenge Shows

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  • SUN, JUN 20 AT 12:41 PM PDT – Sunset
  • SUN, JUN 20 AT 8:07 PM PDT – Sunrise


The Moon sextiles (harmony) Jupiter to support Full Moon activities and rituals.

Start or continue working with the cycle at the Full Moon by realizing that it may feel like a victory or not, just notice it. Whatever has been simmering for the last few weeks now comes to full visibility.

Admire which parts of your New Moon intentions manifested as planned.

Check in Full Moon: reach inside to forgive yourself and others for unresolved issues or disappointments. Acceptance of current conditions sets the tone for success during the next cycle.


Short for “high,” this list of “HI dates” means that the astrology tip is the time for a priority task, appointment, meeting, decision, or purpose. Do the most important items.

The best days this coming week to be busy with priority activities are:

  • June 20 – Moon in Scorpio, except not 12p – 3p
  • June 21 – Moon in Scorpio
  • June 26 – HI 7a – 9p PT Moon in Aquarius


6/22-23/21: Mixed conditions to take special care. Sun trine Jupiter is superior high point for personal and material growth.

Mercury is direct 6/22 3p but needs to settle before moving ahead. There’s also Venus opposite Pluto for a possible intense encounter to handle with caution. Be alert, consider power issues. Choose wisely.

* Times listed are (PT) Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET. Moon Phase: FQ+3 means it is 3 days after the First Quarter moon.

JUN 20 – SUN    Scorpio Water Waxing

FQ+3. Void short 4a-5a. Morning peace with Jupiter to 9a. Someone is ornery with square Mars 12p-3p. Inner strength to smooth it.


JUN 21 – MON    Scorpio Water Waxing

FQ+4. Void starts 1145p. Find an outlet with Venus for social, creative, service, beautify. Maybe charm the supplier? Social good 6p-9p.


JUN 22 – TUE    Sagittarius Fire Waxing

FQ+5. Void ends 6a. Alert to 11a for square Jupiter, lazy, poor judgment. Better 3p-6p with Mars upbeat force. Possible good news.


JUN 23 – WED    Sagittarius Fire Waxing

FQ+6. Nerves 6a-9a. Good news Sun-Jupiter. Caution with Venus/Pluto intense emotions. Confusion Neptune tonite. Void starts 7p.


JUN 24 – THU    Capricorn Full Moon

Void ends 610a. Ask for it 8a-10a with favor of Jupiter. Capricorn good for structure, business. Accept current results since June10.


JUN 25 – FRI    Capricorn Earth Wane

FM+1. Eases up a little. Do something familiar that makes you happy. Define a closure for cycle. Tender feelings tonite Neptune.


JUN 26 – SAT      Aquarius  Air  Wane

FM+2. Void is 545a-715a. Cranky mood passes by 715a moon change to AQU. Then go for top tasks. Finish by 9p or tempers flare late.

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