Full Moon Effect Astrology

Moon astrology tips for April 25 – May 1, 2021

  • April 26 – Full Moon Scorpio
  • May 11 – New Moon

The Full Moon effect feels like a victory! Maybe not? Look for which chapter is closing now.

An issue or goal has gone as far as it can for current conditions and growth. It’s okay. Count your blessings and accept the results. Notice how the original plan changed so much during the last two weeks!

Be ready for a full moon effect in the form of drama to play out with somebody. Turn trouble into peace. Know that you can choose to leave it alone.

Perform a small ritual to complete the cycle. Create your own full moon effect to mark the day as special with a meditation, journaling, crystals, prayer, or a walk in nature. Include forgiveness for all concerned, including yourself, to set the tone for the waning moon ahead.


Short for “high,” this list of “HI dates” means that the astrology tip is the time for a priority task, appointment, meeting, decision, or purpose. Do the most important items.

The best days this coming week to be busy with priority activities are:

  • April 25 – Moon in Libra
  • April 28 – Moon in Sagittarius after 9a PT
  • April 29 – HI all day
  • April 30 – Moon in Capricorn after 9a PT
  • May 1 – HI all day


5/1/21: extra blessings from mellow Venus backed by common sense Mercury. Go!

* Times listed are (PT) Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.  Moon Phase: FQ+5 means it is 5 days after First Quarter moon.

APR 25 – SUN    Libra  Air  Waxing

FQ+5. Low AM, watch fine print, careful what you say. Accept duty. Work thru obstacles. Keep faith. Positive relations return in afternoon.


APR 26 – MON    Scorpio Full Moon 830p PT at 7 degrees

Void from 530a-930a. Peace in morning followed by help from Mars to press ahead and get support. Watch full moon dramas.


APR 27 – TUE   Scorpio Water Wane

FM+1. Pull back in face of difficulties this AM Venus. Avoid arguments afternoon. Evening much better, social. Familiar places best.


APR 28 – WED    Sagittarius Fire Wane

FM+2. Void 530a-845a to SAG. Wait in morning or risk foolish decisions square Jupiter. Better after 9a. Calm day, feels more normal.


APR 29 – THU    Sagittarius Fire Wane

FM+3. Good creative, relations, social Mercury/Neptune. Enjoy relief from full moon pressures. Call it early 6p or risk confusion.


APR 30 – FRI    Capricorn Earth Wane

FM+4. Void 630a-920a. Early good decisions with Jupiter to 6a. Choose something new, be loose, but alert for hazards. Tempers afternoon.


MAY 1 – SAT     Capricorn Earth Wane

FM+5. Positive morning with Venus 8a-11a. Catch up practical details. May be mental issue to face. Ease up. Evening insight, feelings.

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