Don’t Miss the Aries New Moon

  • April 11 – New Moon
  • April 26 – Full Moon
  • May 11 – New Moon

Look for the crescent moon setting later in the week to the southwest after sunset. It’s national Look up at the Sky day April 14.


The Aries New Moon is exact at 731p Pacific. We honor this day as the first New Moon after the Spring Equinox in the first sign of the zodiac to start the astrology calendar for the year.

Complete vision boards, wishes, goal lists, and intentions for the coming moon cycle and the whole year.

Be generous and specific to choose them, infused with the emotion of receiving it, and declare for the result to be the best for all concerned.

Finish with gratitude and request for a blessing.


Short for “high,” this list of “HI dates” means that the astrology tip is the time for a priority task, appointment, meeting, decision, or purpose. Do the most important items.

The best days this coming week to be busy with priority activities are:

  • April 11 – HI to 6p PT
  • April 12 – HI after 11a PT
  • April 13
  • April 14 – to 1p PT
  • April 15 – 16


4/11: Venus square Pluto caution 4/9-12 for relationship tension, insecurity.

4/15/21: Plan something important for April 15, 2021 with positive Sun Sextile Jupiter for success, luck, and generosity. If nothing else, plan to start a project this day.

4/15/21: alert for Sun square Pluto arrives tomorrow for intense emotions. Stay safe.

4/17/21: 1 of 4 Mercury square Pluto 3p extreme conflicts. Watch how you express your views. Alert for villains. Apr 16-18. 9/22, 10/1, 11/2. Be reasonable with others.

* Times listed are (PT) Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

Moon Phase: NM+1 means it is one day after the New Moon.

APR 11 – SUN    Aries New Moon

Let the day be OK. Choose tone for cycle. Evening is mix between relationship tension and enthusiasm. Caution for relations.


APR 12 – MON    Taurus   Earth  Waxing

NM+1. Void 5a-11a to TAU. Sweet Venus morning 4a-6a but caution edgy Pluto. Go after 11a. If no plan, notice what interests you.


APR 13 – TUE    Taurus   Earth  Waxing

NM+2. Urges, tension early 5a-7a. Saturn low moods 10a-12p. But all day boost of Sun-Mars to tackle tough tasks. Second chance.


APR 14– WED     Taurus  Earth  Waxing

NM+3. Void from 5p-12a. Bright ideas early 5a-8a. No help 1p-4p costly decisions. Familiar limits. Tantrums at dinner, but works out.


APR 15 – THU    Gemini  Air  Waxing

NM+4. Reach for it today with blessings from Sun and Jupiter for hope, money, luck, you name it. Ask for what you want. Start project.


APR 16 – FRI    Gemini  Air  Waxing

NM+5. Conflicts Pluto to 8a. Confusion 6p-9p. But Mars (action) trine (benefit) Jupiter (wealth) is on deck to help. Go. Start a project.


APR 17 – SAT     Cancer  Water  Waxing

NM+6. VC from 8a-1230p. Unity mental/emotion before 8a. Alert for extreme conflicts Mercury. Evening ends well Venus 7p-10p.


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