Last Quarter Moon Phase Astrology Key Points

The key point of the Last Quarter moon phase astrology is to clear the decks for the coming action of the New Moon intentions. It is crucial work because what you do this week will determine success for your intentions and goals during the next cycle of the moon.

This is the foundation work for that phase; the inner work that you do now will support your ability to adapt when the time comes in a couple of weeks during the waxing moon. For now, when discouragement kicks in, take a break (a positive benefit), and know that it will pass. You are simmering now instead of being at a full boil in your activities.

Direct an active process to let go of old issues. What works for you? It could be a meditation practice, ritual, or other spiritual method to release what is no longer working or relevant to the new you.

Pick one or more current topics of bad habits, relationships, problems, or disappointments and bring them up one at a time. Meditate, write, draw.

The topics are easy to identify because they are the ones you’ve wrestled with in the last two weeks.

Riding Moon Cycles Last Quarter Moon

A popular method of releasing is to describe the issue in writing and rip the page and burn it up safely in a proper container and location. The emotion paired with a physical act brings better success of letting it go.

Another method is to write or draw with ink or paint and dunk the paper in a water bowl to dissolve the writing.

Spend time on routine affairs while emotions and thinking are raging along during the week.

The preparation work during Last Quarter moon phase astrology is vital to prepare for success at the coming New Moon. Don’t miss this opportunity to have a clear slate to vision your intentions for the next moon cycle and year ahead.