Want to Step Up Your Astrology Void Moon Plan?

Head’s up for the astrology void moon this week.


  • March 21 PT 5a-520a – few minutes
  • March 23 PT 8a-3p – seven hours
  • March 25 PT 6a-9p – fifteen hours
  • March 27 PT 5p-11p – six hours

The void-of-course moon (VC or VOC or Void) occurs when the moon is traveling between two astrological signs with no major aspects. This astrology void moon happens every couple of days for several minutes or many hours.

The void moon is sort of like a time out in the action known as “nothing will come of it” for decisions and purchases.

Here’s the thing, I have tested the void moon over a long period of time with sometimes painful results.

My repeated attempts to complete important actions in the world successfully during a one to two-hour window either side of the void moon are mild at best. And I am being extremely generous with that statement.

This time window around the void moon is called an “orb.”

I am a forge-ahead kind of gal with a modern get-things-done attitude, but the results continue to be crystal clear to me to respect the approaching hazy boundary of the void-of-course moon and let it be.

And the same thing with the end of the VOC hours or days, I’ve found it is best to allow the moon to “settle in” fully to the next sign before starting an important activity.


Even in the middle of a busy work week, it’s possible to enjoy the void moon hours by cleaning up neglected areas and tending to routine tasks and reports. You’ll be glad to have matters up to date when the action starts again with the change of moon sign.

Look ahead on the astrology calendar and save up chores to do like laundry and inventory, house tasks and maintenance.

Work the middle parts of projects already in motion.

Relax with friends or family with no particular agenda.

Cook tried and true recipes that you know well.

Exercise and spend time outdoors.

Sometimes I think that the purpose of the astrology void moon especially in this fanatically overloaded existence is to give some breather time to regain balance in the physical world. Let’s make friends with the void moon.

Moon astrology tips for March 21 – 27, 2021.

  • Mar 21 – First Quarter
  • Mar 28 – Full Moon Libra
  • April 11 – New Moon Aries


The tensions of the Full Moon starting powering up March 26 Friday.

Emotional flare-ups are possible. Focus on awareness, self-care, forgiveness, and kindness.

The full moon is exact March 28 Sunday a few minutes before noon PT. Prepare to delay full moon rituals until 3p PT after the Moon opposite Venus passes.


Short for “high,” this list of “HI dates” means that the astrology tip is the time for a priority task, appointment, meeting, decision, or purpose. Do the most important items.

The best days this coming week to be busy with priority activities are:

  • March 26 – Good+ to 5p PT
  • March 27 – Good+ to 5p PT


3/21/21: Mars trine Saturn. Mars (action) in Libra (reflection) trine (gets help) from Saturn (work, goals). Time for a second look at an intention or issue. Also Sep 25, 2021.

Plan something important for April 15, 2021 with positive Sun Sextile Jupiter for success, luck, and generosity. If nothing else, plan to start a project this day.

* Times listed are (PT) Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

Moon Phase: FQ+1 means it is one day after the First Quarter moon.

MAR 21 – SUN    First Quarter to Cancer

Void short 5a-530a to CAN. Tension early, passes after 9a. Afternoon has insights or good news. Recall original feeling from New Moon.


MAR 22 – MON    Cancer Water Waxing

FQ+1. Reasonable Monday morning for normal tasks. Make changes, consult advisors. Evening is Neptune sympathy, sensitive, artistic.


MAR 23 – TUE    Void Moon 830a-3p

FQ+2. Agitated morning possible, then do routine tasks. Delay new ideas. Evening switches to harmony with Sun and Venus.


MAR 24 – WED    Leo  Fire  Waxing

FQ+3. Burnt toast for breakfast. Then low emotions to noon. Let it pass. After 11a upbeat Mars brings strength to work/play.


MAR 25 – THU    Void Moon 630a-830p

FQ+4. Delay early decisions with opposite Jupiter 630a. Then do routine. Evening switches to perfect social night. Careful too indulgent.


MAR 26 – FRI    Virgo  Earth  Waxing

FQ+5. Excitement or new encounter possible to 12p. Accept what is in motion now. Skip dinner plans with square Mars or get upsets.


MAR 27 – SAT      Virgo  Earth  Waxing

FQ+6. Void 445p-1030p. Confused emotions to 9a. Alert for Full Moon tensions. Deep Pluto feelings 3p-6p. Note what is working.

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