Virgo Moon Sign Winning Strategy for Feb 21 – 27, 2021

Help is on the way with this Virgo moon sign Full Moon week if you’ve recently had some tension and adversity with the many planetary squares.

  • Feb 27 – Full Moon
  • Mar 13 – New Moon
  • Mar 28 – Full Moon

There was the Saturn square Uranus last Wednesday and Venus square Mars on Friday to name two of them.

Let’s focus on these bright spots next week.

Mercury direct will get projects moving again by the end of the week with the Virgo moon sign.

Sunday with Moon trine Venus at 1030a PT offers a pleasant morning.

Monday morning wake up from a good night’s sleep thanks to the monthly Moon trine Sun.

Tuesday morning has an inspired Moon trine Neptune to help with good ideas to noon Pacific Time.

Thursday morning with the Sun/Uranus transit brings welcome insights.

Friday the HI days return with the Virgo moon sign, even if a little bumpy with Full Moon tension.

Possible to have a fine social full moon evening if you’re up for new friends and unpredictable moods. It can work.



The following daily tips are excerpts from the 2021 Moon Astrology Planner sold on Amazon. Short for “high,” this list of “HI dates” means that the astrology tip is the time for a priority task, appointment, meeting, decision, or purpose.

The best days this coming week to be busy with priority activities are:

  • Feb 23 – Good Moonchild Cancer to 9p
  • Feb 26 – HI after 9a PT Virgo Moon Sign
  • Feb 27 – Full Moon Virgo

* Times listed are (PT) Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET. Moon Phase: FQ+2 means it is 2 days after the First Quarter moon.


FEB 21 – SUN  Void-of-course All Day

FQ+2. Wait. VC 1030a – 8p. Just as well while Mercury adjusts to direct motion. Pleasant Venus morning to relax or social. Help others.


FEB 22 – MON  Cancer Water Waxing

FQ+3. Trust your gut in the morning. Spot opportunities. Good insights, let go of bad habit. A little doubt is normal. Attend to details.


FEB 23 – TUE   Cancer Water  Waxing

FQ+4. New ideas AM, creative work. Plan for Friday. Vitality, warmth for social 5p-7p. Call it early or get dramas, low. VC starts 855p.


FEB 24 – WED    Leo  Fire  Waxing

FQ+5. VC to 430a. Accept what is in motion now. Normal activities. Positive Mars for work or social, be smart. LO after 4p, leave it.


FEB 25 – THU   Leo  Fire  Waxing

FQ+6. Delay money issues with contrary Jupiter to 10a. Insights/surprises with Sun/Uranus. Know current issue is necessary growth.


FEB 26 – FRI    Virgo Earth Waxing

FQ+7. VC 3a-9a. Tension rises. HI day finally for top items. Blip with irritation 10a-1p. Find your tolerance for it. Accept current results.


FEB 27 – SAT    Virgo Full Moon Earth

Look for the chapter ending this cycle. It’s okay. May be some confusion with Neptune 5p-8p. Relax, movie or music, self-care.

If you like these tips, get the whole year to schedule ahead. Order the paperback 2021 Moon Astrology Planner on Amazon today.