Lunar Calendar Astrology: The Truth about the First Quarter Phase Here

Jan 17-23, 2021, lunar calendar astrology tips for the week.

  • Jan 20 – First Quarter
  • Jan 28 – Full Moon
  • Jan 30 – Mercury Retrograde
  • Feb 11 – New Moon
  • Feb 20 – Mercury Direct

We’ll be watching the Jan 20th events that have Mars (action) conjunct Uranus (surprises), a transit known for unexpected events. Here’s hoping that flashes of insight will be enough to spark new opportunities for all.


One hidden treat this week is that all planets are traveling in direct motion for a short “move ahead” experience. I’ve had to bookmark a big tab on the 2021 Moon Astrology Planner for the Retrograde Planets page, especially looking ahead to October.

If you’ve felt a fierce tension of urges recently, you may be perceptive to the pressure on the planet Uranus going direct and connecting with Jupiter and Mars.


Excerpts from the 2021 Moon Astrology Planner:

1/17: Caution for Jupiter square Uranus hits 3p for sudden change, disruption. Take special care Jan 6-27 for risk. Conditions are unclear. Tend to home fires.

1/20: Caution for Mars conjunct Uranus 1230p. Watch Jan 16-24 for urges (Mars) to change (Uranus). Fun okay, but care for hasty mishaps. Post-election reactions?

1/22: Caution for Mars square Jupiter 12a. Watch Jan 18-26. Know limits between gutsy & reckless. Use the force to get ahead, not too hard or risk losses & fallout.

While the outer planet Uranus shakes up large social issues and Mars on deck for caution, attention drills down to a personal level with the Moon cycle for compassionate self-care.

Riding Moon Cycles First Quarter The Secret Truth
Lunar calendar astrology First Quarter Riding Moon Cycles


Boost the experience of aligning with the moon’s rhythm with a ritual of spotting the First Quarter moon in the sky.

See the half-moon high in the sky overhead around sunset. It’s easy to see if the sky is clear enough.

Use this visual habit to signal a personal check-in for the current mood and readiness to act based on the original intention set at the New Moon.


Here’s the thing about this part of lunar calendar astrology, which is that along the way of forging ahead and making waves with the waxing moon for a whole week (already?), a funny thing happens.

Some discomfort may appear in the form of a direct challenge to what you think you want to accomplish. This issue is generally something very familiar when you get in the routine of looking for it. It has to do with an old pattern of emotion that needs to be updated and released in order to move ahead with the rest of the cycle.

Recall the feeling summoned for the New Moon Intention as the wave to support facing the issue at hand and ride beyond the discomfort.

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If by now, since the New Moon January 12th, you have not made an intention for this cycle of lunar calendar astrology waxing cycle – and that is perfectly okay if it is your choice – it is entirely possible that someone else will choose something for you.

Choice is what we have in the present moment, no matter the arrangement of planets and moon in the sky.

Now is the time to decide to move ahead or wait for another round as the rest of the cycle supports the choice made or not.

Nourish some contemplation or journaling:

  • Today my ready-to-go meter is High, Medium, or Low. My mood is ___ because ___.
  • Today I focus on ___.
  • My path for this cycle leads me to ___.
  • My truth gauge tells me that I ___.
  • I successfully moved past the doubt and obstacle because ___.


Short for “high,” this list of “HI dates” means that the astrology tip is the time for a priority task, appointment, meeting, decision, or purpose.

The best days this coming week for priority tasks are:

  • Jan 17 – to 7p PT
  • Jan 20 – Moon in Taurus after 11a PT
  • Jan 21 – after 4a PT
  • Jan 22 – to 1p PT
  • Jan 23 – Moon in Gemini

* Times listed are (PT) Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

Moon Phase: NM+5 means it is five days after the New Moon. Moon Phase: FQ+1 means it is one day after the First Quarter Moon.

JAN 17 – SUN   Pisces  Water  Waxing

NM+5. Take care big square alert for bad risks. Moon sextile Sun 740p for peace. Believe what you need exists. Void Moon 740p-11p

JAN 18 – MON   Aries  Fire  Waxing

NM+6. Upbeat Monday for a change. Agreeable all around. Notice how thinking changes with the waxing moon. Mars powers up.

JAN 19 – TUE   Aries  Fire  Waxing

NM+7. Common sense wins in the morning 8a-11a for connecting, media, writing. Make plans for Thursday and Thurs night.

JAN 20 – WED   Taurus 11a First Quarter

FQ. Wait during morning VC. Keep goals in mind, a little wild within reason works out. NM vision gets visible now. LO in evening.

JAN 21 – THU   Taurus  Earth  Waxing

FQ+1. Hangover morning. It passes. Consult advisors, do priority tasks. Evening mellow for social with Moon trine lovely Venus 9p.

JAN 22 – FRI   Taurus  Earth  to Void

FQ+2. Keep at it strong in the morning with top work. VC 130p rest of day. Wait. Pull back, may be burnout. Don’t force the issue, Mars.

JAN 23 – SAT    Gemini  Air  Waxing

FQ+3. A whole new day positive morning, practical. Now time to make changes to the plan. 2p-5p excellent for business. LO evening.

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