Moon Sign Calendar New Moon is One to Watch

It seems not everyone was able to follow the moon sign calendar and let the resistance go last week with the Jan 6 Last Quarter waning moon and had to demonstrate their strong reactions in public.

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  • Jan 12 – New Moon
  • Jan 20 – First Quarter
  • Jan 28 – Full Moon
  • Jan 30 – Mercury Retrograde

If you’ve felt a shift of feelings after the holiday, you might be sensitive to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn moving into new territories.

  • Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn to Aquarius
  • Venus to Capricorn
  • Mars to Taurus

These changes can spark a new perspective for New Year’s Resolutions. Some hope is welcome now.

This week Mars square Saturn Jan 12-13 calls out for patience in the face of frustrations. This square also occurred last Aug 24, 2020 and Sep 29, 2020.

Keep alert and stay safe.


 As Jack Trainer (Harrison Ford) said in the movie Working Girl, “the players may have changed, but the game remains the same.”Moon Sign Calendar New Moon Riding Moon Cycles

The moon sign calendar and planetary orbits may change, but the cycle of the moon begins again as it always does with the New Moon.

Give yourself a break if you haven’t started on a long list of self-improvement tasks already. The moon cycle supports a better start this week as the phase changes.

It’s time to freshen up an intention for the cycle.

At the very least note how your internal experience is different from last week compared to this week.

The New Moon phase is as powerful as the Full Moon. The key is to infuse the intention with present time emotions. Summon up the feeling of having it now, today, right here. Naming the desire to happen far into the future keeps it out of reach.

The brain likes to fill in the blanks. How about this one, “I am successful with ___, because I ____.”


Capricorn in the moon sign calendar is disciplined and practical and an excellent influence for planning ahead. Consider long term values and traditions and the physical methods to achieve new goals.

But watch for losing the heart or worrying which is another trait of Capricorn.

Capricorn is the Earth element that favors working the details in the material world.


  •  Jan 10 Sunday – 1030a all day
  • Jan 11 Wed – 12a to 9a
  • Jan 14 Thu – all day
  • Jan 15 Fri – to 2p

Shift gears during the VC – VOC – Void-of-course Moon. Cultivate it as welcome break from pushing ahead. Tend to chores, visit friends with no agenda, relax, or do work on tasks that are in progress. Clean, file, sort. Organize and tidy up for when the moon sign changes.


 Short for “high,” the “HI dates” come from the 2021 Moon Astrology Planner. A HI rating means that the astrology tip is the time for a priority task, appointment, meeting, decision, or purpose. Do the most important items.

The best days this coming week to be busy with priority activities are:

  • Jan 15 – Moon in Pisces after 2p PT
  • Jan 16 – Moon in Pisces

* Times listed are (PT) Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

Moon Phase: LQ+4 means it is four days after the Last Quarter phase. NM+4 means it is four days after the New Moon.

JAN 10 – SUN    Void 1030a – all day

LQ+4. Possible confusion in morning with square Neptune and VC. Switch gears. Take time off from the pushing machine & being perfect.


JAN 11 – MON    Capricorn Earth Wane

LQ+5. Positive energy and luck for early birds in AM. Seal the deal. Maybe try some fun. Muse on who you want to be next month.


JAN 12 – TUE    Capricorn New Moon

Upsets before 8a. Inspired afternoon. Rash moves in evening. Listen for the truth that will make you happy for next moon cycle. VC void-of-course moon 11:15p.


JAN 13 – WED    Aquarius  Air  Waxing

NM+1. Tough time to ask for favors. Wait. Better to plod along patiently than push your agenda. OK 3p-7p but caution Pluto evening.


JAN 14 – THU    Void of Course  All Day

NM+2. Wait to start new items or ideas. Pluto alert for deceit early. Focus on cleanup, rest, get ready for better days. Simple tasks.


JAN 15 – FRI    Pisces  Water  Waxing

NM+3. Wait out VC to 215p. OK for new start for the cycle. May be time to step out of a comfort zone, stretch a bit into the new you. Adjust.


JAN 16 – SAT      Pisces  Water  Waxing   NM+4. Enjoy an agreeable AM with Venus. Just for today act like the person you have always wanted to be. Alert upsets, Jupiter square.

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