Moon Astrology for Dec 27, 2020 – Jan 2, 2021 – Full Moon Week


The holidays continue for another few days with the Full Moon Window starting Sunday and exact on Tuesday in the sign of the Moonchild.

Are you sensitive to the Full Moon phase? You might experience these days as a wonderful extension of celebration or a demand of intense emotions, depending on your birth chart and experience during this cycle..


It is interesting, this relationship between the Earth and the Moon, especially the Full Moon.

Scientists at NASA tell us that the Earth is enveloped in a “bubble of magnetism,” which starts at the core of Earth, and once a month the Moon enters the tail of that magnetic bubble.

 It’s called the magnetotail, and it happens every Full Moon.

And there’s more because the center of your personal magnetic field is the heart which doctors measure with ECG and EEG tests.

All the rest of the days relate to this particular phenomenon, either heading towards the Full Moon or moving away from it in four phases of the lunar cycle.

There’s a small few of us who are sensitive to this monthly revolution of the Moon’s path with Earth. Are you?


Caution for midnight festivities with a jumpy Moon square Uranus aspect on the loose.

The need (Moon) for change (Uranus) may give temporary excitement but may not be the best choice for the long run.

However, a short disruption just might clear the air! Be sensitive to know the difference.

Riding Moon Cycles Moon Astrology Planner 2020

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

DEC 27 – SUN   Gemini Air Waxing

FQ+6. HI – better shopping, visiting. Tension rev up for full moon. Accept current results. Positive insights, adventures. Early night.


DEC 28 – MON   Gemini Air to Void 7p

FQ+7. HI still riding strong. Shake off confusing dreams.  Go day for all business. Focus on good news. Upbeat dinner, brave, confident.


DEC 29 – TUE   Cancer Full Moon

Delay top business for Friday. Exciting encounter mid-afternoon. Focus full moon passion to useful work. Watch for dramas.


DEC 30 – WED   Cancer Water Wane

FM+1. Unclear in morning, someone gets it wrong. Best hours after 11a. Trust it to 2p. Still full moon window. Call it early, trouble brewing.


DEC 31 – THU   Leo  Fire  Wane

FM+2. Keep a lid on it with angry morning, PM low moods, foolishness. OK 6p-9p but high alert after for upsets. Be safe & on guard.


JAN 1 – FRI     Leo  Fire  Wane

FM+3. Much better day to celebrate. Leo likes a party.

Choose familiar surroundings, menu, people. Muse on the big picture, goals.


JAN 2 – SAT    Leo to Void 2p to Vir 6p

FM+4. Get after it in the morning. Take the lead at lunchtime, good for groups. Fine to loosen up a little after intense holiday events.

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