Did you see it? Last Quarter Moon Astrology for December 6 – 12, 2020

  • December 14 – New Moon
  • December 21 – Winter Solstice 2a PT
  • December 29 – Full Moon

Look at the southwest sky one hour after sunset for Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter is the brighter planet. 

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But first, I hope you have a clear sky to see this night sky at least one day in December. These planets appear low on the horizon.

This pair of planets Jupiter and Saturn form a rare meeting of a “great conjunction that will won’t be seen again for 60 years.”

The closest they come together is on Dec 21 solstice. Astronomers believe the Christmas Star of Bethlehem was a conjunction of these two planets – Jupiter and Saturn – plus Mars.

Astrologers are excited about this meeting, too. The last time these two planets met in the same sky of Aquarius was the time of the Magna Carta placed the king under the rule of law.

On the Winter Solstice, Dec 21st, Jupiter and Saturn will be at 0 degrees of Aquarius, which some say that 2021 is the first year of the long-awaited Age of Aquarius.

You made sure you would be here for this event in your lifetime, for this moment in time to witness the turning of the ages.

“We are the ones we have been waiting for,” Alice Waters said, quoting the poet June Jordan.


Time to follow up and get feedback during the waning moon for this Last Quarter Moon Astrology week. Review what worked this cycle and wind up final details now that more is known about the project.

The best days for getting it done are:

Dec 6 – Moon in Virgo – after 12p PT

Dec 7 – Moon in Virgo

Dec 8 – Moon in Virgo – to 2p PT

Dec 11 – Moon in Scorpio

Dec 12 – Moon in Scorpio to 6p PT

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

Night Sky Jupiter Credit Stellarium-Web
Credit: Stellarium-Web.org

DEC 6 – SUN   Void AM to Virgo 12p

FM+6. Take all morning to be off or church or chores. But no aspects today so wait for Mon. Just be who you are, just as you are, today.


DEC 7 – MON   Virgo Last Quarter Wane

HI day good morning. Refine project, work details. Tension after 2p with specific issue. Feelings confuse in evening. Movie, paint, relax.


DEC 8 – TUE   Virgo to Void 2p to LIB 4p

LQ+1. Go ahead full steam in the morning with popular Jupiter at your side to boost success. Clearly vision who you want to be. Wait 2-4p.


DEC 9 – WED   Libra  Air  Wane

LQ+2. Switch gears. Wait until afternoon, but hold off on critical items. Lunch plans pleasant. Evening is peaceful. Downtime is key.


DEC 10 – THU   Libra to Void 5p to Sco 6p

LQ+3. Morning bump finished by 8a. Do routine.  Plan for tonite/Friday. Glum  moods afternoon. Evening Mars sparks action, start.


DEC 11 – FRI   Scorpio  Water  Wane

LQ+4. Downplay minor morning drama and the blame game. HI day for top appts. Balsamic moon is soothing relief. Not perfect.


DEC 12 – SAT   Scorpio Void 6p – Sag 7p

LQ+5. HI and green lights. Social lunch is a success. A shred of hope returns. Afternoon ask for it. Dinner simple. Early night, confused.

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