Moon Astrology for November 8 – 14, 2020 – Waning Moon Last Quarter

October 31 – Full Moon

November 14 – New Moon

November 30 – Full Moon

We continue the pattern that started in September of early week days that are excellent for high priority tasks.

Sunday Nov 8 – Moon in Leo

Monday Nov 9 – Moon in Virgo

Tuesday Nov 10 – Moon in Virgo

Friday the Lucky 13 – Moon in Scorpio

Saturday Nov 14 – New Moon in Scorpio

With Mercury direct now and Mars due direct on Friday, projects on hold can get started again. I’ve got a big list.

We spotted a group of salmon coming home to spawn wiggling and jumping in the creek. What a welcome sight. Could be coho, chinook, or steelhead. We’ve got them all in the area. And a pure white goose, too, paddling along the banks. Must be a sign.

This Last Quarter waning moon is a good time for winding up the cycle’s work, following up, bringing it all together. Choices made earlier have visible results to review. Listen for feedback.

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

NOV 8 – SUN Last Quarter Leo Wane

May feel a personal crisis early, but the day is HI and GO for all plans. Small steps are better than worry. Or simple tasks let mind clear.

NOV 9 – MON Virgo  Earth  Wane

LQ+1. Careful for explosive morning. Use diplomacy, watch over-reacting. PM probably better. Tend to details. Feedback is useful.

NOV 10 – TUE Virgo  Earth  Wane

LQ+2. Only bummer is emotional confusion 11a-1p. PM peace, good business. Evening lively, but solved. You’ve hit the wall, survived.

NOV 11 – WED Libra  Air  Wane

LQ+3. Element of poor perceptions today, especially afternoon. Stick to previous plans, daily lists. Cycle offers a short peaceful respite.

NOV 12 – THU Libra  Air  Wane

LQ+4. Could be irritable morning. Strong ambitions can work if safe, not greedy.  LO evening to take time off from the pushing machine.

NOV 13 – FRI Scorpio Water Wane

LQ+5. Morning perks up with Scorpio insight. High mental skills 12p-2p. New ideas may pop up. Call it early night 7p or risk upsets.

NOV 14 – SAT Scorpio New Moon

AM solve it, start a new habit, maybe feelings exposed.  Good for all plans. Put emotion into intentions. Evening nice, maybe lively debates. 

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