Moon Astrology for November 1 – 7, 2020 – Full Moon Week Wane

Rest in peace, Sean Connery. We honor a man who passes on a Full Moon.

This week several days are a go for top tasks this week.

NOV 1 Sunday Moon in Taurus

NOV 2 Monday Moon in Gemini

NOV 3 Tuesday Moon in Gemini

NOV 7 Saturday Moon in Leo

But hold off on what you can postpone while Mercury turns direct on Tuesday Nov 3 at 945a and has a few days to settle.

Wait to pull the trigger until Nov 7 and after.

* Times listed are Pacific Time. Add 3 hours for ET.

NOV 1 – SUN Taurus Earth Wane to 7p

FM+1. Treats tempt for breakfast. But confusion blunders need sorting out. Dinner plans benefit getting back to order, reality.

NOV 2 – MON Gemini  Air  Wane

FM+2. HI day to get the week going in full gear. Get best agreement 2p-4p. Notice feels more back to normal today. Check details.

NOV 3 – TUE Gemini  Air  Wane

FM+3. Positive vibes in AM for material plans. Take care of overlooked items. PM turns unstable, risky. Direct focus to creative work.

NOV 4 – WED Void AM to Cancer 2p

FM+4. Catch up on routine to 2p. Then no interference. Change is okay. Loosen up a lttle. Local setting, comforts are best. The arts help.

NOV 5 – THU Cancer Water Wane

FM+5. AM is moody Venus, no social. Catch up details. Ask 3p-5p best part of the day. Evening better to skip it with Mars tempers volatile.

NOV 6 – FRI Cancer Wane to Void 5p

FM+6. Lay low all day. No financial decisions in morning. Uneasy moods around, gossip. Gloom in afternoon. Poor contacts. Let it all be.

NOV 7 – SAT Leo  Fire  Wane

FM+7. Now the Leo moon shines it all up for a HI day. One blip in PM, but passes. Make friends with the day. Stay positive if issue comes.

Excerpted from the 2020 Moon Astrology Planner. Next year’s 2021 edition in paperback is sold on Amazon Books.